Wedding Decor Ideas to Make Your Venue More Beautiful

Wedding Décor Ideas to Make Your Venue More Beautiful

After careful selection of food, guest list, and venue the next most salutary thing to focus on is decor for the wedding. Depending on your venue, the right decor can help you enhance your theme. If you google wedding venue decor ideas, you’ll find hundreds of them. Some good, some not so good and it is really hard to narrow down the best one that will suit your style. 

We at REB6Studios attend quite a few weddings every year as wedding videographers. We have compiled a list of the top 9 unique wedding décor ideas. You can trust us when we say that they look fabulous in wedding pictures. Without any delay now, we just want to get straight into it. 

Best Wedding Décor Ideas to Make Your Venue Look Classy

best wedding decor ideas

1. Polaroids on Tables for a Fun Day!

This might not feel like decorating the tables but it will definitely enhance your experience. Keep one polaroid or instant camera that you can find on each table or commonplace and ask your guests to play around with it. We are the best wedding videographers in San Francisco and we can help capture the best BTS moment. However, the pictures that your guests will click can help depict a different story much more fun. Everyone can play around with the cameras and you’ll have some beautiful pictures to look at down the line. 

2. Hang Around String Lights like Confetti

Next up on the list is to hang fairy lights or string lights around the venue. Do you know that string lights are amongst the top wedding venue décor ideas? It will help create a romantic ambiance if the wedding is in an open area. You can weave them through trees and braces for a fairy tale vibe, if you are near the beach you can use them in jars and link them with other wedding décor embellishments. The possibilities are endless and you can be as creative as you want with it. Lighting is such a huge part of wedding décor and it can make or break your wedding pictures and overall ambiance. Need guidance on how to plan a wedding? Check our blog here for more tips. 

3. Keep it Minimal, Especially the Centerpieces!

Less is more in the case of centerpieces when it comes to wedding hall décor ideas, less can be more. Table centerpieces are important but don’t go overboard with them as they can take up too much space. Guests are there to talk and mingle at your wedding if they can’t see each other because of the arrangement that will be a distraction. Keep minimal flowers, statement porches, and small arrangements. Small pieces will give space to your guests to eat properly, have a conversation and not jump over each other to check what is happening on the other side. 

4. Cosy Lounge Area for a Comfy Time

If your budget allows then keep a common sitting area apart from the traditional tables and chairs. A cozy lounge area with mismatched seating is easily attainable and one of the most sustainable wedding decor trends on a budget. You can even get bean bags from your home to make it as cozy as you want. Throw in some blankets to match your wedding decor theme or color palette. Make it like a second home and people won’t feel stressed. You can even rent some furniture for the day that can help enhance the experience with a little polished look. 

5. Move Over the Green Screen, We’ve Got a Green Wall!

Need simple wedding decor ideas? Use a green wall with flowers matching your décor and a few lights here and there. This will add such a fresh look to your wedding reception that it will instantly become a photo booth for the guests. It instantly adds spice and you’ll love your wedding pictures. It can work anywhere, use it as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony, family pictures, cake cutting you name it. If you are looking for top wedding videography trends that you can use for this, we’ve got you covered there as well.

6. Fabric Fabric Everywhere

There is nothing like too much fabric in a wedding unless you are going for frills on your wedding dress. You can do so much with fabrics from draping ceilings to pillars or out in the open with tent-shaped sitting areas for your guests. For a more rustic look or if you are looking for vintage wedding décor ideas then you should not underestimate the power of fabric. Minimal decor and accessories with a lot of fabric and you are set for your reception. Fabric décor looks especially good on beaches and in open areas like mountains if you have a destination wedding in mind. Looking for more ideas? You can check places for hosting a destination wedding here. 

7. Make Your Own Drink, At Your Own Risk?

Going for the same old serve at the table with the same old drinks? Try customized drinks this time. You can pick customized umbrellas or other decorations for weddings to serve your own customized go-to beverage. Or you can make illustrations and give your drinks funky chic names. You can even have a make-your-own drink counter for guests. Get a professional bartender to make sure that things don’t go overboard.  Just make sure that they know what is in the drinks by keeping an ingredient list handy. 

8. Big Letters, Lights, Camera and Action!

Want to send a message to your guests or spell your name with large letters or have you thought about a hashtag you can use for social media on your wedding day? Get it all customized with Marquee letters. Throw in some flowers if your ceremony is during the day and doctorate it with some lights for your evening functions and voila! You can rent the letters from a local vendor and arrange them as per your initials or welcome message. How’s that for wedding ceremony decor ideas? Fun, right?

9. Include Pop Culture / Anime References with Interactive Desserts

Have a sweet tooth? Well, who doesn’t? If you said no, you’re lying. Moving on, think about a dessert cart at your wedding with an anime theme or a donut wall with your pictures. You can get your guests to interact with it and have it as a photo booth/ dessert parlor. You can even include pop culture references, LGBTQIA+ cupcakes, favorite TV show quotes, anime sweets in real life, etc. Just customize little things like napkins, signage, or serve with a special message. This will surely impress your guests. 


These wedding decor ideas are great but it’s 2021 baby and it won’t be official unless it is on insta, right? For that, you need good wedding videographers. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to help you out 🙂 Happy wedding!