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Capture the magic of your wedding day with a cinematic film that will last forever.
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Your wedding day is one of the most impactful events in your life. While you can rely on event videography, you need professional wedding videographers in San Francisco, CA, to capture the main events and film behind the scenes. The wedding videography company you choose determines how you'll record your special day.

Look no further than REB6Studios to capture your most treasured moments and create wedding films you and your guests will cherish for years. As your expert team of wedding videographers, our award-winning filmmakers are ecstatic to capture weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout Northern California. We create wedding films that tell your love story with cinematic storytelling from the best angles, featuring appropriate music.

Whether you want live streaming at your wedding or to capture the big day in style, we're the best wedding videographer and photographer for San Francisco couples. Our business prioritizes your satisfaction from the ceremony to the reception. We bring the driving force in creating wedding films that accurately capture love stories while clients enjoy themselves.

When you hire REB6Studios wedding videographers in San Francisco, you'll get everything you need for your perfect day. Working with a professional videographer comes with many benefits, including:
  • Professional quality films: Experience your San Francisco wedding day with the sharpest video and audio experience possible when you work with us. Our team uses high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, including cameras and audio gear. We remain on time and are always working towards the perfect shot.
  • Wedding videos and photography of the entire wedding day: Your love story is one you should remember from start to finish. Schedule our Bay Area photographer and wedding videographers in San Francisco for a few hours or a full day. We'll capture everything, from the ceremony preparation to post-reception fun.
  • A chance for distant friends and family to enjoy the moments: It's not always possible for your loved ones to attend your wedding, but they can still enjoy it from afar. Send them a copy of your wedding video after a San Francisco Bay Area wedding videographer produces it, or let us set up live streaming for those who can't attend in person. Our cinematic video production style provides a polished film that you can easily share on social media or send to loved ones.
  • A professional eye for detail: We're the best wedding videographer in San Francisco, thanks to our keen eye for detail and creative way of utilizing it. At REB6Studios, our San Francisco wedding videographers have years of experience and know what matters most when filming weddings. Our business understands your desire for a professional wedding videographer and provides you with the best.

Wedding Videography Package Inclusions and Considerations

Regarding any wedding film, it's essential to understand what services come with your videography package. Our videographers in San Francisco can explain what the various types of videography include. No matter your selection, we'll help clients determine:

  • If you should have multiple cameras
  • Whether you want full frame cameras or another camera type
  • How long we'll cover your wedding
  • The number of videographers you need to record your San Francisco wedding
  • The additional equipment you should consider to record video and audio or perfect lighting, such as drones

Another consideration to remember is the deliverables, or the final films your friends and family will watch, and what form they'll take. A highlight video is a short production featuring the top moments of weddings. Raw footage describes unedited and untouched video files, while a feature-length video contains most of the wedding activity in a professionally edited format.

How do you want to access your films? Your Bay Area wedding videographer can recommend a specific file type or upload them to cloud storage where everyone with the link can enjoy them. Alternatively, USB drives and physical storage options are available.

Our turnaround time is about 26-34 weeks to deliver the final product. While that may seem long, that time is necessary for our team to produce a wedding video you'll be proud to show off to everyone you know. Rest assured, when you do get your footage, it will be everything you hoped and more.

The Importance of Wedding Videography

Without a professional team of videographers, a photographer, audio specialists, or others, you must rely on friends to correctly record videos and take photographs of your wedding. It's not ideal to rely on these individuals if you want a professional result. Instead, depend on an expert photographer and wedding videographer to help you film your wedding.

While photographs have been an excellent way to keep memories for decades, modern technology makes it easier than ever to record and keep special moments forever. Wedding videographers in San Francisco have years of experience filming weddings at many locations across the Bay Area. They'll make your wedding day memorable and ensure everything tells the story of your day in an appropriate style.

In addition to capturing your wedding vows and the main ceremony, you'll also be able to relive memories between the main events. Whether you want detailed films of family and friends celebrating with you or want to maintain a focus on the happy couple, videographers work with you to make the videography and photography experience natural and unobtrusive.

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Why Choose Us as Your Wedding Videographer?

The artists at REB6Studios are your ideal San Francisco wedding videographers. Watch your wedding unfold with our talented team of San Francisco wedding videographers using modern and eye-catching video productions. Weddings in San Francisco, CA look their best with REB6Studios.
Every photographer we employ represents our business' style, helping you craft the story of your big day. Our San Francisco wedding videographers are adept at wedding cinematography and know how to craft films that each tell a story with style. Here are some more in-depth reasons we're the best option for wedding videographers in San Francisco:

An Expert Team

You'll work with a creative videographer and photographer to make your wedding film special. Our expert wedding videographers in San Francisco have years of expertise recording weddings of all sizes. When one camera isn't enough to accurately film your wedding, we have multiple San Francisco wedding videographers on hand with significant experience telling stories accurately and beautifully.

We have experience creating films for:

  • Destination weddings
  • San Francisco weddings
  • How long we'll cover your wedding
  • Weddings in Northern California

Sleek, Professional Wedding Films

When you ask REB6Studios for professionalism, you get it. We take an artistic approach with modern, simple touches in our productions. Creative yet tasteful productions include music, photography, and videos that our San Francisco wedding videographers capture on your magical day.
We offer a variety of filming styles, a large selection of cameras and other equipment, and more to make filming your San Francisco wedding go smoothly. San Francisco wedding videographers use their best judgment to determine ideal recording opportunities. Of course, we're flexible, able to adapt at a moment's notice to record a moment or angle that's particularly special to you.

Additional Planning Assistance

While a San Francisco wedding videographer's primary job is to film your wedding, our business doesn't limit services. We prioritize your wedding date as much as you do. We can also help plan the timing and scheduling of other aspects of your wedding.

Types of Wedding Videography We Offer

At REB6Studios, our San Francisco wedding videographers offer several types of videography to meet your desires. Videography types we offer include:

Asian art museum wedding videographer

Artistic videography

We follow your creative direction and allow you to tailor your wedding videography experience to get the best results. Films follow your direction regarding mood, music, lighting, and other elements. A San Francisco wedding videographer carefully discusses your video requirements with you to ensure you get the exact aesthetics you desire.

Desiree and Christian Wedding Video

Cinematic videography

Our cinematic style presents weddings in the mood of your choice. Whether you want a dramatic, tear-jerking highlight reel or a video filled with fun moments from your wedding, our experts create a movie of your wedding, complete with a matching soundtrack. We can edit the footage to evoke whichever emotion you'd like or even smoothly transition through several over the course of the film.

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Journalistic videography

Some couples want to capture every wedding moment, no matter how small. Choose our journalistic videography type so we record your wedding from start to finish. Whether you want to record only the ceremony or everything from guests' arrival to the reception's end, the REB6Studios team captures it all.

The Bay Area's Best in Wedding Videography

A San Francisco wedding videographer from REB6Studios has all you need to make memories of your wedding last forever. At REB6Studios, we provide top-of-the-line videography tools and professionals with cutting-edge talent. With our innovative approach to videography, our business presents your wedding in impactful ways you'll never forget.

Do you want to film moments before or after your wedding? We understand the frustration in finding a videographer who will arrive on time with the right equipment. REB6Studios's San Francisco wedding videographers are prompt and meet your needs regarding your wedding's schedule.

The crucial philosophy that informs everything we do is that wedding videography is a collaborative effort. While you could find any style shop willing to film your wedding, here at REB6Studioss, our first priority is your satisfaction. To that end, we listen to your every desire and concern, taking everything into account when planning and executing your wedding film.

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Top Wedding Videographer Services in San Francisco

As your top wedding videographers in San Francisco, we understand your need for a reliable San Francisco wedding videographer, comprehensive services, and quality equipment. Our wedding videographers in San Francisco provide film services for engagements, cinematic wedding videos, and detailed recordings for wedding ceremonies.

Bay Area Wedding Videographer


Wedding engagement video shoots are popular for happy couples who want to remember every aspect of their wedding and the moments leading to it. Our San Francisco wedding videographers shoot the day before your wedding as you celebrate your engagement. No matter your location in the Bay Area, we'll record your happiest moments with your spouse-to-be.

Bay Area Wedding Videographer

Wedding Cinematography

Couples wanting to relive their weddings can do so with our wedding cinematography service. We record your wedding from several angles and edit clips into a full-length, cinematic video. Paired with tasteful effects and music, your wedding video will make even those who couldn't attend feel like they celebrated your wedding in person.

San Francisco Wedding Videographer

Wedding Ceremonies

At REB6Studios, we specialize in filming wedding ceremonies across the Bay Area, Northern California, and beyond. Our San Francisco wedding videographers use their years of experience to record and craft the perfect ceremonial video. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, we can meet your filming needs and deliver results beyond your expectations.

Choose REB6Studios' Skilled Wedding Videographers in San Francisco

Are you looking for a reliable, detailed wedding videography company? Complete your special day with the most trustworthy film and photography production team in San Francisco: REB6Studios. No matter your wedding film requirements, we provide a smooth recording process and deliver top-quality videos that accurately reproduce the emotions from your wedding.

We also have significant experience with wedding photography. Our videographers and photographers work together to memorialize your day with high-quality video footage and photographs. Our services help you share the memories with those who couldn't attend or relive them with those who did.

No wedding videography job is too much for us. We take on various film projects, big and small. Look no further than REB6Studios for friendly, respectful, organized professionals, leading recording technology and other equipment, and the ability to recreate your wedding day and other wedding-related events with accuracy and sophistication.

Having a loved one record your ceremonial proceedings and wedding reception is not enough. Record your wedding with help from the REB6Studios team serving San Francisco and the surrounding areas. We've got all you need to relive your wedding day and share it with your family and friends.

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Speak with a lead videographer on our team about your wedding day. Contact REB6Studios in San Francisco, CA, at (415) 370-9527 and discuss your needs for wedding videographers in San Francisco today.