Best Ideas with Top Places for Hosting a Destination Wedding in the US

Best Ideas with Top Places for Hosting a Destination Wedding in the US

Are you planning a destination wedding in the United States? Well, you might have already encountered the wonderful problem of deciding the location to tie the knot. There are thousands of superb places and destinations you can choose from. But who’s got the time to shortlist from this long list, right? We did it.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 places for the perfect destination wedding in the US. We’ve included everything from the mountains, cities, beaches to the historic and Hispanic weddings. We can help you find the most picturesque and elegant locations. Want to check whether your destination wedding checklist has been included or not? Keep reading!

Top Places for Destination Wedding in the US

Top places for destination wedding in the US

1. The Classic LA Wedding

It’s a common belief that Las Vegas only offers tiny chapels with an Elvis lookalike officiating weddings. LA is not known as the festive city for no reason, it has a lot more to offer. You can have your ideal outdoor ceremonies filled with gorgeous elements and elegant weddings with the warm desert breeze. 

This city is romantic and you can take a break in between your ceremonies to connect with your partner. Winters and summers can be brutal in Vegas, that is the reason why we suggest you plan a wedding for fall or spring as that will allow you to make proper use of the clear blue sky and the soothing desert air that will feel like a warm hug.

Our Tip: Plan a hot air balloon ride as a surprise for your partner. Please make sure that they take you past the Red Rock Canyon. There are some otherworldly sights that should not be missed. Look out for Nevada updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. The San Francisco Way 

San Francisco is famous for its Mediterranean climate, among other things. San Francisco is the ideal and one of the best places for destination weddings in the US. If you are going for the eclectic-chic vibe wedding ceremonies of San Francisco, trust us it’ll be filled with fun, flair and sophistication. 

You can include a lot of things to add to your wedding decor, from choosing a flowering garden, bay view restaurants, art galleries to historic courtyards. The list to choose from is endless as the city is already quite popular for the luxurious weddings it offers. One thing to note is that the city is always hustling and bustling. You need to plan things in advance. Generally, San Francisco is packed in September and October so you should avoid planning a wedding in these months.  

Try and check for events happening within the city beforehand. You can find most of the updates from social media, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will help you ensure that your desired venue and accommodations are not busy. 

Our Tip: Make an appointment online to get your marriage license and you will be able to avoid the throng of people at the San Francisco City hall. 

3. Private Island Wedding in Hawaii

private island wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding locations in the US or dare we say the world. Maui is filled with natural picturesque venues making it the most popular and beautiful destination wedding location in the US. We can bet that you’ll insist on having an outdoor wedding once you check this location out. Need a sneak peek? Maui updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This place is so beautiful that the only thing you’ll be confused about is the venue. Mountains? Sand? Mountains? Both? But whatever you decide, your wedding will be epic. Known for its exquisite wedding planning services, Maui has some pretty good wedding planners who can help craft your vision to the T. 

If you choose resorts with accommodation, you and your guests will have one-stop shops, entertainment, food, etc, all-inclusive. It will be the perfect getaway from the daily hustle + a wedding to die for (without the stress!)

Our Tip: Budget for a destination wedding can easily go out of hand. If you want to save some bucks, plan your wedding during the offseason. Maui’s off-season is mid-September to the end of November; February – May.

4. The NOLA Wedding

Delicious mouthwatering dishes, Jazz bands, jolly locals and Mardi Gras is what comes to mind when people think of New Orleans. However, a quintessential festive vibe wedding is also one of its main attractions. 

You’ll find everything from a small to a large venue with modern and historic mansions. A true New Orleans wedding involves a brass band moving along with the guests and the wedding party all the way to the venue. The couple leads the second line parade with decorated umbrellas and dances all night long. You can even hire a grand marshal to lead the parade to add the local zeal. Organisers here will help you ideate a ton of wedding planning ideas that you can choose from. 

Our Tip: Make sure that you take the marriage licence 24 hours before the ceremony. Legally, a 24-hour waiting period between the time of issuance of the marriage license and the ceremony is required in New Orleans. For more updates follow Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

5. 18th-Century Paradise in a Mansion 

One of the most unique destination weddings in the US is the seaside town of Newport. A classy location on the east coast where icons like Jacqueline Bouvier, John F. Kennedy, Vanderbilt and even Astor have been here for their own nuptials.

1902 Rosecliff mansion is perfect for a formal affair. The heart-shaped staircase, the redwood library with high ceilings, antique chandelier and marvellous oil paintings will take your breath away. Apart from this, there are multiple locations like castle hill, Belle Mer and Aldrich mansion to host sophisticated and classy weddings. 

Need destination wedding ideas for an informal ceremony in New port? Well, the King park Gazebo, Regatta Place and a few hotels will be perfect. You can even find venues overlooking Newport harbour. Imagine the ceremony with the perfect sunset view, sigh! Dreamy and just exquisite. 

Our Tip: Ask your wedding planner to infuse the city colours of red white and blue within the decor to go with the nautical theme. Why? Have a look at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

6. Beachy Paradise in Miami

Miami, all that comes to our mind when we think of this city are the awe-inspiring beaches. However, the Art Deco architecture, vibrant aesthetic, world-class food, also make it a popular choice for destination weddings in the US.

You will be swimming in options if you chose Miami. From the opulent beachfront resorts, botanical gardens, breathtaking gardens to the sparkling beaches, you’ll fall in love with everything. 

You’ll never run out of places for outdoor wedding venues in Miami. However, it can be a bit heavy on the pockets as it is amongst the most expensive places in the US, especially for weddings. 

Our Tip: Setting a budget for a destination wedding is super important. Miami is on the expensive side, so avoid the popular months. March and May are the ones we recommend skipping. Enjoy some scenic attractions here on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

7. Mountain Top Wedding in Arizona

mountain top wedding in Arizona

How much does a destination wedding cost? Well, let’s just say a lot (teehee). However, for all our budget-conscious couples we have included the option of Sedona. Surrounded by jaw-dropping red rock mountains to rambling creeks, it is mystical and magical. 

You’ll find many locations and resorts that use Sedona’s natural environment to create the perfect ambience. Check out some breathtaking views of Arizona on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You do not have to fret much about the weather as it is 278 days sunny and pleasant breezy months from March to May. From July to August you can enjoy the rain and enjoy the dramatic display of mother nature. You need to find some cool destination wedding videographers to capture the beauty though. Otherwise, it’ll be just you on a mountain top with some friends, pretty cool but we need social validation! Just kidding. 

Our Tip: There are strict no noise ordinances in Sedona that are vigilantly followed and enforced. Make sure that you tell your wedding planner if you are going to have late-night party plans.

8. A Hispanic Themed Wedding in Portland

If you wish to go the non-conventional way and wear stretchy pants at your wedding then Portland is the best choice. You’ll find eccentric locals with quirky aesthetics and delicious cuisines. Your friends will approve for sure, not sure about your family though. This in no way is going to be a book wedding. 

If the city’s offbeat energy is not what you are looking for then outdoor weddings then you can enjoy some outdoor venues. You can even have your conventional destination wedding in the US amid the cherry blossoms, daffodils, magnolias, at sophisticated venues like Leach Botanical Garden and Lewis & Clark College Gardens. And after that go ahead with the Hispanic reception between Bigleaf maples, Ponderosa pines, Grand firs with fresh air and gorgeous views.

Fall Portland weddings with splashes of rustic red, orange and yellow backdrops are also quite popular.  For that time, Portland’s Hoyt Arboretum and Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel will fulfil all your destination wedding checklists.

Our Tip: Research for food as the number of amazing options will overpower you for sure. Narrow down the list for selecting the rehearsal dinner site. Know more on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

9. Summer Vacay Wedding 

Key West is the best location for couples who are looking for destination wedding ideas with warm sand, a few cold drinks, and a breathtaking ocean view. 

Barefoot ceremonies with cocktail filled hours and guests on hammocks is the most popular” no shirt and no problem” wedding idea.  Plan a reception overflowing with good vibes, fresh seafood and groove on some epic local music bands. Hire local makeup artists, hairdressers and opt for reliable wedding videography service as the humid air can melt your makeup and the frizz will be uncontrollable. Locals know what will help things stay in place.

Know more about Key West, Florida on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

10. Icy Mountain Wedding in Aspen

Aspen A.K.A. The most spectacular location in the US, perfect for destination weddings, vacations, parties and much more. Need to wow your guests? Say I Do in the world’s most ski acclaimed places. 

Research a bit before finalising Aspen. You’ll get many destination wedding ideas that you can pick from. Planning to hit the slopes in between wedding events? Plan between November and April. Want to go for an outdoor wedding between the icy peaks but with a summer breeze, plan during the slow season. This will also give your destination wedding budget a break as the rates are lower during the slow season.

After picking the time of the year you need to comb through the long list of venues. From luxury resorts, classy clubs, historic museums and rustic lodges, the list is endless. A local wedding planner can help you navigate through the ins and outs of perfect wedding vendors. 

Our Tip: You need to head to the Hot springs outside aspen. It’ll help you wind down from all the wedding stress. Check out some cool landscape pics of Aspen on Colorado Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


Destination wedding trends are on the rise within the US. All the places above are the top pick from our professionals at REB6Studios. However, if your budget allows then try to explore places outside the country as well. They will not be that heavy on the pocket if you chose the places perfectly.

No matter what country, venue or theme you decide, we are sure that it’ll be filled with love and happiness. We would love to be a part of your special day. Give us a call for any queries. When it comes to destination wedding videographers, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch now.