Asian art museum wedding videographer

Asian Art Museum Wedding | Kimberly and Stephen

Do you ever expect to find the love of your life on an online dating app? Maybe no. But faith must have been smiling on Kimberly and Stephen when ,as they told us, they “found love in a hopeless place”. This beautiful freelance editor/ fiction writer didn’t regret going on that last date with this Machine […]

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the bridges golf club wedding videographer

The Bridges Golf Club Wedding | Jin and Sees

They got together without really knowing what it meant to be in love, the truth is they didn’t have the best first impression about each other 😮. Jin apparently was “mean” to Sees during middle school at cooking club and Sees will always be the girl who didn’t give Jin some of her homemade soap. He […]

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kohl mansion wedding videographer

Kohl Mansion Wedding | Maria and Elden

It all started when they bumped into each other, literally, and little they know that this fateful encounter would change their life forever. From then on, they became friends. Maria tried to hold back her feelings for Elden because she thought that it will never work. She even told Elden countless times that what they […]

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Campovida Wedding | Alice and Ben

Alice had never imagined that curiosity will be the mini masks of love. In the minutes, hours, days and years they’ve spent together Ben filled her life with wonder. She marvels at his ability to encapsulate complex situations into such simple words. Through his words she saw Ben’s thoughtfulness, humility, kindness and as a man […]

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sf wedding cinematographer

Julia Morgan Wedding Videographer | Michelle and Matthew

Matthew knew her family for a very long time. And has accepted her family, her dad and his “hoarding addiction” and all the women in her family and their “opinionated selves”. He fits right in because he is much opinionated himself ✌😆. Matthew compliments Michelle very well. She is a type of person who is very […]

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Cornerstone Sonoma Wedding Video | Desiree and Christian

Desiree is the most amazing woman Christian have ever met. Since day one up until this day she’s always been that perfect girl. She is smart, beautiful, caring and kind except when she was hungry 🍕 Christian is a man of patience and understanding. He always put up with her constant debate on whether where she […]

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the ranch golf club wedding video

The Ranch Golf Club Wedding | Julian and Shasha

Julian and Shasha (special feature- The Voice finalist Chris Jamison)Mark 10:9 “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Julian was riding up to camp last June of 2010 when a friend asked him if he was seeing anybody. He said “No. Not really.”. Then his friend asked “What do you think of Sarahlynn?”. Julian […]

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