Join one hundred plus satisfied couple who think that Story Telling is the most important aspect of a wedding film.

Full-tilt-heart-string-tugging wedding films.

Why Us?


All About Your Story

We don't mean stitching up a slideshow of slow motion and aerial shots set to music. We mean putting up together these small moments and creating a well-crafted sequence that best describe you and your family's story of the day.  We do some of the coolest shots too but our team is more well known for story telling.


Award Winning Films

Our 8 year experience brought us some of the best wedding films created for our clients. This is just bonus. Our main goal is for you to be able to be proud to share your wedding film to your family and friends.



We have about 100+ satisfied clients! This is what we are all about. 


How long do we get our final film back?
It will take around 26 - 34 weeks to get the wedding film created and delivery to you.

How do you work with photographers?
Very well! In fact, lots of photographers love working with us. We are highly recommended in our area by photographers because we understand their goals. Our unobtrusive style of shooting matches well when we work with them. We smile, say Hi, and introduce ourselves the moment we see them. We also make sure to communicate with them so that we are all on the same page. 

You are more expensive than the other videographers, why is that?
Our pricing is very carefully determined. With the quality of work, experience (9 years and 200 weddings filmed by the same group) and dedicated attention we deliver to each and every client, our rates are competitive and precisely where they should be in the Bay Area. There is much that goes into pricing for our business, not limited to the day that we are filming your wedding, the hours we spend consulting, editing, color grading, story boarding and designing. It also envelops the entire cost of running a business, including insurance, marketing,equipment, ongoing education, as well as the cost of living for ourselves and our families

Ultimately, choosing your wedding videographer is a decision you must make based on your instinct and gut. It will come down to the style you envision your day captured in, and the videographer you feel you can trust through the entire process. We repeat, the entire process, not just during the consultation. The best vendor has got to deliver up until the delivery of your final product. Our works speak for itself and our clients' reviews before, during, and specially after the wedding prove that we are worth their investment.

How do we get in touch with you? I have more questions?
Just fill out the form below and we will try to get back to you as fast as we can.