We are proud to say that we have the highest satisfaction ratings in the world. The reviews you see below are the result from the hard work we put in to create the most beautiful film for our clients. That is why a lot of our client LOVE us and most of them still keep in touch with us!


1/9/18 MichelleReb6studios did not disappoint! As expected! They were our go to videographer and I would have been devastated if they weren’t available to film our special day. My husband and I knew of Reb6studios since they also did my husbands brother’s wedding AND my sister’s wedding so we already knew their high quality work! They’re so fun to work with and knew what shots they wanted so everything seemed so natural. they’re prompt, friendly, and extremely talented! Without a doubt I would continue to refer their amazing work to anyone I know! I loved our highlight film and have watched it over and over again. Thank you, Reb6studios for providing us with a beautiful film to always look back on when we want to relive our wedding day!

1/31/18 AliceHaving a good videographer was high on my priority list. My husband and I were looking for a team that can not only capture all the key moments but also sequence them to tell a good story. REB6 studio’s videos immediately stood out among some of the famous (and pricey) videographers in the Bay Area.They were incredibly easy to work with and fast to respond to questions. We just got our wedding video back and we love it! It strings together how the mood transitions throughout the day and the background music selection was perfect!Only deducting one star because it took us 6 months (usually it’s 8-10 months per standard contract) to get our video back which is longer than most. But! At the end of the day, video quality trumps all. If that’s not a factor for you, I’d highly recommend REB6!

5/25/18 MeeraSig and his team are amazing! They were recommended by our wedding planner and we’re so glad we booked them. They take a really unique and thoughtful approach to videography that really captures the essence of your wedding events. My whole family was super impressed with our highlights video and even the parts of the speeches, ceremony, etc that were included clearly showed that they understood the vibe and mood we were going for. They are also awesome to work with on the day of- ie handing us water bottles in the middle of our photo shoot, checking in on us, etc. Thanks guys!

7/15/18 Maria KReb6studios was one of the most important investments on my wedding day. I knew they had to be my cinematographers after watching their wedding trailers and feeling all sorts of emotions. Sigmund and Mariane were extremely professional and kept open communication throughout the process and in the months leading up to the wedding. They delivered an amazing video that my husband and I are beyond happy with. I must have watched it at least 50 times within the first day of receiving it. So many of the details and endearing moments were all captured beautifully within the video. It allowed us to relive the love and happiness that we felt on our wedding day. Thank you so much!!

7/15/18 JinA lot of our friends hired Reb6Studios for their wedding. We loved the quality of their work and it was a no brainer who were going to hire when it came time for us to pick a videographer. Sigmund u0026amp; his team were absolutely awesome on the day of our wedding. They were attentive to our needs and picked sceneries and shots specific to what we want the end result to look like. When we received our wedding highlights, my wife and I dropped everything we were doing and rushed back home to have our own little watch party. We laughed and got emotional (the feels train was running on full steam that night) and then rewatched the entire video at least 3 more times (we probably each watched it a few more times on our own before we went to sleep that night). Needless to say, my wife and I absolutely love our wedding videos! Sigmund u0026amp; team did an awesome job capturing all the essential moments of our wedding from beginning to end. Yes, it took a few months to get the video to us but the wait was worth it! Highly highly recommend!

7/17/18 JacobExtremely positive experience working with Sig! We’ve hired Reb6studios two times, both for videography u0026amp; photos for a musical performance. The goal was to generate short clips for a demo reel. Sig was very helpful before the day-of in identifying the types of clips we wanted. He arrived early at the performance location to check in and confirm what shots we wanted to get. During the performance Sig filmed from a variety of angles and used intuition to capture scenes we didn’t even know we wanted (of the crowd, for example). He used a gimbal mounted camera with a kind of handheld crane that generated some really impressive and professional looking video clips. We requested no editing on the clips, just the raw files, and delivery time on the files was within a week or so. In summary, Sig exceeded our expectations for documenting this event, and we highly recommend Sig for videography/photography!

8/2/18 Louise QInitially, we didn’t budget for a videographer because we weren’t sure if we would watch the video. When asking our friends it’s a split 50/50 on “yes, get it” vs “no, I don’t watch mine.”It wasn’t until about a month before our wedding, all the details that had occupied my mind for the last year, I can sort of envision.. I knew I needed to visually see it encompassed together.From the little touches that were so minor (I don’t even know if anyone caught them) to the big events, our friend officiated our wedding, we wrote our own vows… I knew I wanted all those moments captured on film because it was important to me.I had seen videos from Sig and had cried watching strangers weddings and he had a way to pull on the heart strings. It was a no brainer on who to choose.My experience with Sig and his team has been a great one so far. He is really professional and made our wedding day very seemless. He’s very easy going and made us feel very comfortable. It’s like having your friend hang out with you for the day. We just got our teaser and it’s already so good. A quick 10 second video and when we showed it to our friends and family, it already has them dabbing their eyes. I don’t know how he does it! I can’t wait to see the finished product and will def update as they come!

8/12/18 JennyI spent a lot of time watching wedding videos, and when we found Reb6studios, their videos set them apart. I don’t consider myself super sentimental but their videos made me weepy and emotional, for people I never even met :). Sig and his team have a talent for weaving a story and beautifully telling it through a combination of candid and staged shots, with a dynamic soundtrack. That is why we chose them.The service they offer in addition to their product was something we didn’t have any notion about until we booked them about a year ago. Throughout the entire time it was clear that Sig is customer oriented. He has been extremely responsive, promptly responding to emails, meeting for walkthroughs and taking our feedback about the kind of video we are going for. On the wedding day, we barely noticed Sig and Mariane, they blended well in the event and worked well with our photographer. Sig has a calm about him that is reassuring and much appreciated on a day when there is so much going on.Recently we received a teaser video from them and have already watched it 10 times — the vibe and quality of it is exactly what we wanted and I can’t wait to see the entirety of it. I’ll be updating this review once we receive it!

8/18/18 Ricky HSig from Reb6 did a fantastic job during our wedding. He was very enthusiastic about filming the whole wedding process, and even gave us pointers on how to position ourselves to be captured. Throughout the day he followed us everywhere, in order to capture the best moments. He didn’t complain about the hot weather or how inconvenient the environment was, and only worked his hardest.He would also take a couple shots of the same thing just to make sure he captured the best of us. I highly recommend Sig and the Reb6 team for any filming needs!

10/21/18 Rhea CLet me just get straight to the meat of this review.  Sig u0026amp; his team was absolutely AMAZING!  Professional, and creative.So now some back drop, if you want some sides to go with the main dish.  We originally did not want to make a big deal for our wedding.  Our wedding was a simple micro wedding, no fuss kinda thing.  Just run away with family and do this thing!  BUT after watching ALL of Sig’s work! Guess whaaaat???  I was sold! We NEEDED our special day captured.  As simple and quick as the day was Sig’s team managed to capture every magical moment!  Creating the PERFECT feast for the eyes.  Overall fulfilling for the both the heart and soul.  THANK YOU so much SIG!

10/27/18 KimmyMy husband and I watched so many random wedding video highlights and each time we were glued to the screen it was always Reb6studios. After watching more of their work, we knew we had to have them for our wedding. I’m so glad we decided to work with Sigmund and his team! They were very professional and so easy to talk to. The after product was so amazing! The wait was totally worth it. Our video definitely captured all our emotions that we felt that day and since that day went by so fast, we got to relive our special day through our video. Sigmund and his team made us comfortable with the camera, since we both were a bit camera shy. I can’t stress enough how amazing their work is. Even people who weren’t there at our wedding was getting emotional watching our video. Picking reb6 was definitely a great investment, and hopefully when the time comes, they can shoot our pregnancy announcement video.


1/2/17 Lisa RWhile we were wedding planning, we knew that our videographer was going to be one of the most important investments we made for our wedding. We watched countless wedding videos as we were choosing the right one. When we saw REB6studios’ work, we knew immediately this was the right choice. Their wedding films just seemed so personal and distinctive for each couple. We were sold!Fast forward to now, we just received our wedding film and we couldn’t be happier! They truly captured all the special moments and emotions of the day. The quality of Sigmund and the team’s work is impeccable! We seriously can’t stop watching and crying (happy tears) over and over again. One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was choosing REB6studios. Thank you to Sigmund, Mariane and team. You guys are truly artists and have mastered your craft!! Maraming salamat!!

1/7/17 Annie W9 months after our wedding – today is the day that we received our wedding video from Reb6! O.M.G. oh my, the highlight film certainly well exceeded not only our expectation, but also all our family and friends! They not only captured all the little details of the day, but also the special moments that we created with our family and friends. Most importantly, it is OUR story, not a generic/cheesy wedding video. Reb6’s video brought and seized all the best and special memories back from the day. Our wedding day flew by so quickly; we are SO grateful to have a documentary video that we can look back. We could not be happier. Hmm..where do I begin, fortunately we have met Sigmund a few times at different events; he’s always so personable and friendly. His videography skills speak for itself but not only is he skillful, he is able to help create an atmosphere of being comfortable that it translate directly on film. Immediately we fell in love with Reb6Studios’s work; I watch their posted videos dedicatedly u0026amp; countlessly (like a true die hard fan)! Every single time I cry like a baby (joyful tears). Their videos speak the most heartfelt truth and those feelings kept inside our hearts. I just can’t get enough of it. They are the best story tellers! The bottom line, they did a PHENOMENAL job! It’s worth every penny. Thank you so much Sigmund and team! WE LOVE REB6STUDIOS and we are proud to be a Reb6 couple! :)Look no further and go with these fellas! You will not regret it!

2/21/17 Pamela RWhere do we begin! We knew from the very beginning that having a great videographer was at the top of our list. We did so much research and must have watched hundreds of wedding videos. When we found REB6, we knew we had found the one! Their cinematography was on another level and none of the other videos we watched compared. They definitely knew how to capture the moments that take your breath away and bring on the happy tears. Sigmund and his team were so professional and polite. It seemed as if they were part of the family! They made being in front of a camera so easy and effortless. We couldn’t have been happier having them be a part of our wedding day.We received 2 versions of our instagram videos right away and they were so good!!! You could tell that they paid attention to detail and it came back flawless in such a short amount of time! We also received our highlights video and couldn’t be more pleased. We’ve been playing it back over and over again!! Our edited chapters were so fun to watch and we love being able to relive that day!Thank you REB6 Studios for capturing our special day!!#PAMELLO2016

3/19/17 Pamela RBeing that we do not live in the bay area, we were extremely anxious about finding a wedding videographer.  After what seemed like countless hours of yelp searching, and various wedding websites reviews we narrowed down our list.  However, what sold us on Reb6 was the quality of their sample work that they posted.  Each video seemed to tell a beautiful story unique to the couple that was presented like a mini movie that had you craving for more and ended with the line ‘it must be dusty in here’.  Setting up the appointment was very easy.  We called Reb6 and our angst were put at ease by Sig who calmly explained the whole process as well as asked us multiple questions so that he could understand what our vision was for the big day.  We decided to go with the package that included a pre-engagement photo shoot.  The Pre-engagement photo shoot was scheduled for Saturday and we had set up various locations for the shoot.  The camera crew arrived on time, they were very friendly and helpful and explained what would happen throughout the whole process.  They were very patient with providing instructions, despite my best attempts at channeling my inner Cindy Crawford.  I am really glad that the crew are flexible enough to make changes on the fly, since we decided to change our location at the last minute.  Overall, I could not be happy with my experience so far.  The photos taken were unbelievable. I still have no idea how they can take a photo of myself and make it look like it belongs in a magazine.  I can’t wait to update my review after I have them create the wedding video.

8/1/17 Desiree NReb6 went ABOVE AND BEYOND our expectations! Our photographer recommended several videographers to Christian and I and we immediately started our research. The very first website we went to was Reb6. I read their website and decided to watch one of their videos. I literally CRIED after watching the very FIRST one! I told my fiancé (at the time), that our search was over and that I wanted to book them. [Of course we did more research, but in the back of my head I already knew it would be them from the get-go. Lol!]Sigmund was very prompt when responding to emails. The whole process with booking them and getting things situated was extremely streamlined. We had no issues!Christian and I are pretty laid back, so we just let Sigmund, his team, and our photographer do whatever they pleased throughout our wedding day. We trusted all of their talents and had no doubt in our minds that they would turn out amazing things. Sigmund and Jess were on time and professional. They gave great direction and never made me, Christian, or our wedding party feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. They went with the flow and everything turned out amazingly! Christian and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with us on our day. Reb6 is the absolute BEST!Thank you guys for everything! #PicazoYouImANepacena

12/10/17 Sarahllyn CChoosing the correct videographer for your wedding isn’t something you should be careless about. Sooo thankful I stumbled upon reb6’s website! I don’t remember how I did, but I remember watching one of their videos and getting the feels (my favorite part about wedding videos) and I thought to myself, “THIS is what I want!!”. I showed the same video to my husband and he felt the same way. Sigmund and Mariane were so easy and fun to work with, and it was a plus that they knew my photographer as well! It did take about 10 months for us to get our video (which he told us) but it was so so so so worth it. We chose the largest package ($$$!) but we don’t regret it at all. Totally worth every penny. I can’t say it enough how much I love our wedding video!!!


11/30/2016 Selina u0026amp; Eric

When I was looking for my wedding videographer I had watched many, many wedding videos and after a short while they all seems to blend together and look the same. Until I happened onto REB6studios. They had a knack for storytelling that I found truly unique and some of their work even got my teary-eyed (which is hard to do considering I knew nothing of the wedding couples and I am not a crier). After that I knew I had to try to convince my hubby to splurge on our video and thankfully I succeeded. Fastforward through all our wedding planning and wedding itself, when we got our highlights video we were not disappointed! Sigmund and his team really delivered and stayed true to the storytelling that had drawn me to their work in the first place. REB6studios, thank you, thank you, thank you for doing such a fantastic job capturing our special day. I felt the magic of the night all over again when I watched that video and couldn’t have made a better decision on going with your team to capture our wedding memories!

8/27/2016 E.Y.

Reb6studios did a perfect job on our corporate video. They kept us informed of exactly what to expect, were responsive to all of our needs, were punctual, and took multiple takes in order to give us a perfect final product. The result was extremely professional in appearance and we couldn’t possibly be more pleased with the results.

8/10/2016 Drew u0026amp; Bob

I wasn’t going to have a videographer for my wedding until my brother and sister-in-law decided to use Reb6studios. After seeing their wedding video I was completely blown away by how beautiful the video was. When it came time to plan my own wedding last year I knew I wanted to use Reb6Studios. When our wedding photos from another vendor left a lot to be desired my husband and I were hoping that our wedding video would make up for it. We received our video a little over a month ago and we were not disappointed. Reb6studios truly captured the magic of our day and caught every special moment from start to finish. We were absolutely over-joyed with the finished product we received and would recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding videographer. If you are looking for professional, friendly, competent videographers that will blend seamlessly into your day and put you completely at ease look no further! Love love love Reb6studios!

7/4/2016 Care B.

Sigmund and his team never disappoint! They were truly one of our favorite wedding vendors and we are beyond pleased that we went with them as our wedding videographer. We had the joy of having them help film not only our wedding but also our love story video which we shared at our wedding and both were so much fun. They have a great positive energy and a creative eye which matched exactly what we were looking for. As a very detailed bride, I’ve watched many wedding videos and knew what kind I wanted and Reb6studios did not disappoint and was worth the investment. They captured our personalities very well and told a great story. They informed at the time of booking how long it’ll take for them to deliver the final product and it was definitely worth the wait! We kept wanting to watch it over and over and were excited to share the videos with our friends and family. They are also very responsive which is what every couple needs from their vendors when going through wedding planning to lower the stress level. Sigmund and Mariane are people we consider as friends now and would truly want to stay in touch with. We’re already trying to think of future opportunities where we can get another great product from them.

5/31/2016 Joan

Reb6studios was my wedding photographer and videographer! Choosing Reb6, was one of the most important decisions during the wedding planning process. Weddings take months and months to plan and then the special day is over in a day! So finding the right vendor to capture those moments that you’ll keep for a lifetime was essential. We were lucky to be able to book them, because they are in high demand and our friends that referred us had wanted to reserve them wasn’t able to in time for their wedding. Of all the videographers we researched, we were impressed by how Reb6 makes each couples’ love story unique with personal moments, music and great editing.

We first met Sigmund and Kevin at our engagement shoot in SF. They were both so personable and friendly. We didn’t know what to expect. But it was one of the highlights of our wedding year, it was so much fun, we felt like models for the day. Reb6 really wanted to capture our love story and make our pictures personal to us. We had several outfit changes which included us wearing our running singlets from our respective teams. You can tell they really take their work seriously and they took their time to get the right shots they were looking for. Time was not an issue, we didn’t feel rushed (in fact they followed us to the gas station to make sure we made it ok, my then fiance at the time and I swapped cars and didn’t realize the car was low in gas). It was nice that they cared.

Their turnaround time to get us our engagement pictures and wedding was quick! Faster then the expected stated timeline. We had so many pictures that we liked from our engagement and wedding. It took me forever to look at them all (and i’m still reviewing). Our friends and family’s were so impressed by the moments they took. My husband and I are anticipating our wedding DVDs and video. It’ll bring back so many memories of our special day.

Communicating with them was easy and worry free, Reb6 kept their word and followed up whenever it was time to check in about something. They were generous with their editing, time and you can see why they win so many awards! Thank you Reb6studios!!! Thank you Sigmund, Mariane, Kevin, Jesse, CJ and Sean for your professionalism and making our wedding moments even sweeter by capturing our moments!

4/21/2016 Angie

We love Reb6studios! To be honest, my husband and I weren’t even sure if we wanted to budget for a wedding videographer. Most times, we found wedding videos to be a bit cheesy and hastily produced and if you really wanted something good — it would cost an arm and a leg.

Luckily for us, that was not the case with Reb6studios. Sigmund, Mariane and the entire team truly are masters at what they do and for the artistry that they produce, I’d say it’s quite a reasonable price (especially since we’ve done our research in looking at other options in the Bay Area).

We absolutely *love* our wedding video and it’s definitely something we’ll continually watch as the years go by. Some of the things our friends have told us that they regret doing for their own wedding was 1.) Spend more time with guests and 2.) Getting a wedding videographer.

We’re so glad we found Sigmund u0026amp; Mariane. Our wedding video was a hit — touching, candid, sweet and well-produced. Our family and friends were also so impressed that they even shared it amongst their own circle of friends. On top of it all, they were a breeze to work with and very accommodating/professional as we were planning remotely from the East Coast. Needless to say, I would recommend Reb6 to anyone without question. Thank you so much for allowing us to relive our special day. 🙂

4/18/2016 Justin

Reb6 was impeccable from start to finish. Tons of love for Reb6 already but my wife and I felt an absolute need to share our wonderful experience working with Sigmund, Mariane, and the rest of their team. Our wedding took place last June 2015 at Nestldown in Los Gatos, and we have nothing but great things to say about their work.

From day 1, Reb6 was responsive and proactive in working with us. Planning our Bay Area wedding from Boston, it was critical for us to partner with vendors who were responsive and communicative.

On the day of our wedding, Reb6 showed up early for setup and had everything ready ahead of schedule. And although we didn’t meet Sigmund and Mariane until the day of our wedding, it was clear they had done a ton of preparation beforehand and had immense experience from past weddings. They knew exactly the types of shots they wanted and made sure to capture those key moments in a candid and comfortable fashion. Very rarely do you feel like someone is family when you first meet them, but on that day, that’s how we felt about Sigmund and his team.

To our surprise, we received our edited wedding highlights film way ahead of schedule. We’ve watched the video countless times and it’s impossible to have a dry eye. The video is stunningly-produced and it was truly a work of art. We were particularly impressed with the intense focus on every detail from the music, the expressions and all the scenes. You can tell Sigmund and his team put a lot of creative thought and energy into the production as the short film really does tell the story of our wedding.

If anyone is still looking for a wedding videographer, look no further! Without a doubt, my wife and I would recommend Reb6 to deliver on a beautiful, creative, and emotional wedding video.

Thank you, Sigmund and Mariane, for allowing us to relive our wedding again!

4/2/2016 Wanina

Sigmund and his team in Reb6 are the best!! We just got our video this weekend and they did an awesome job!! We watched it over and over again, and it really brought joyful tears in our eyes! We truly LOVE their work. We are so glad that we chose Reb6 to record this precious moment in our lives, because they present it so beautifully! .

And the way they worked is very professional. They worked really well with our photographers as a team, even though it was the first time they worked together. Highly recommended.

2/3/2016 Venice

Thank you so much for capturing one of the most important event in our lives. Thank you for your patience and dedication. Sigmund’s team are always professional, quick in responding all my questions, and making sure that their customers are always satisfied. I am so greatful to have chosen you in our wedding. I believe your the Jason Magbanua of US naks! he’s actually the one who recommend me to you guys. While watching my wedding video for the first time, there are so many mix of emotions I felt and I literally cried, laughed, and fell in love again. I cant believe how they captured those special moments because their almost invisible on that day. Thank you again for everything! You guys deserve the five stars and I hope we could still afford you in our future event someday lol ! God bless love, Alvin u0026amp; Venice