Wedding Videography Trends

Top 5 Wedding Videography Trends in 2021

2020 was one of the most unplanned years. It was all about small intimate weddings at home. Unfortunately, the pandemic had a monumental impact on the wedding and events industry. Finally, we're looking ahead to the 2021 wedding season, which extends a gleam of light at the end of a long tunnel. It is time for couples to welcome and embrace the new wedding videography trends for the year.

Here are some of the wedding videography trends that are all set to rule 2021. Let's take some inspiration from them!

1. Drone Footage

The use of drones to capture everything on your wedding day will probably never go out of fashion. It's perfect for outdoor, beach, and garden weddings.

Drones can fly in any direction and can be used creatively in many ways, especially for wedding videography. For example, to capture the aerial footage of the venue and surrounding areas, bride and groom walking together, some impromptu and candid moments, and the night footage showing lights, fireworks, and dancing.

By using drones, your videography service professionals can create a movie-like video to reminisce your most special day since it can capture even the smallest moments during the wedding.

2. Wedding Ceremony Live Streaming

Live Streaming a wedding is becoming mainstream. Wedding videographers in San Francisco never had a strong demand for live streaming. This wedding videography trend has gained popularity all due to Covid.

There might be guests living abroad, loved ones unwell, or guests unable to travel. So to bring their guests together to the wedding day virtually, couples have started including live streaming in their wedding videography package.

Thanks to modern technology, videographers have been able to offer this service and were able to see positive results. Hence, streaming essential elements of your wedding is an excellent way to include anyone who's unavailable to be there.

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3. The Color-Grading Videos and Slow-Motion

These days wedding videos are competing with the movies' quality. So they are becoming more cinematic, professional, and polished. There's no denying that modern technology and advancements in videography gears for shooting and editing have changed the way we see wedding videos these days. They are just getting better with time.

Color-grading is one such effect. It adds depth, intensity, and richness to the original video, and it is quite astounding when you compare both the footage. In addition, slow-motion, when used at the right moments, can change the outlook of the video and can add a romantic vibe to it.

The bokeh effect in a wedding video can be compelling and extraordinary. It looks fabulous with the wedding rings and other sparkly details, with lighting including fairy lights and candles and fireworks too.

4. Wedding Teaser Trailer

Everyone loves having an excellent cinematic wedding film for their D day. Moreover, one also wants a wedding film trailer to be well made & brilliant.

This exciting trend is getting more popular among couples. They plan with their hired wedding videographers to understand how to capture their unforgettable and long-awaited wedding day into a wedding teaser or trailer. Wedding photos remain an integral part of the wedding celebration. But, after some time, they are forgotten and hidden deep in a box in your home. It turns into a beautiful memory that we rarely remember over the years.

The wedding teaser or trailer captures all those special moments – the exchange of rings, the walking on the aisle, lifting the bride in her arms and taking her out of the ritual hall, signing, the first dance, smiles, and joy of the event.

With a wedding teaser, you can give a glimpse of all your wedding celebrations in just a minute. It creates timeless memories and captures the most beautiful moments of your wedding. Feel free to check out some of our best work at Vimeo.

5. Interweaving Still Images with Video

people gathered at a wedding

It is one of the most popular wedding videography trends. From Instagram reels to wedding highlights video, this trend is all set to top the list. It adds more personality to your wedding video.

Combining still photographs with video enhances the pace of your video in an extraordinary way. In this trend, video can be seamlessly transitioned from motion to still pictures and back throughout. This benefits from breaking the experience up and keeping the viewers’ attention for a longer time.

For example, adding a few images of the bride getting ready with its video shot can be more emotional than just taking a glimpse of the makeup studio. Also, the emotional essence of crucial moments, such as the bride and groom saying their vows or getting ready, are accented by the use of still images.

If still images are interwoven into the video aptly, it may even be tough for viewers to discover whether they view wedding films or videos. However, many videographers are using this technique adeptly in their wedding video.

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There is a wide array of trends to choose from while booking your wedding videographers. Just keep in mind your choices, theme, and budget before making any decision. Whatever you choose, rest assured that you will have your dream wedding since you selected from the latest trends, that everyone already loves.

At Reb6studios, we are ready to shoot and create your dream wedding video and can't wait to see you on your special day! Get in touch with REB6Studios now to book one of the best wedding videographers in San Francisco.