San Francisco Wedding Videographer

REB6STUDIOS is an award-winning videography team
composed of creative artists with a passion for storytelling.
Our mission is to create a video that will captivate you and
immerse you in the joy, happiness and memories made on your
wedding day, every time you watch it.  

wedding films

Most of our films capture more candids, reactions, and special moments. We don't do cheesy videos anymore, we used to do it 10 years ago when we were amateurs, but we've grown and matured now that we make sure that the films we create answer these questions: Can it stand the test of time? Will you watch 5-10 years from now without cringing?
Client satisfaction-focused approach
Our focus is on making sure our clients are satisfied through effective and meaningful storytelling that makes sense and tells a story that the couple and their families can connect with

"They had a knack for storytelling that I found truly
and some of their work even got me teary-eyed
which is hard to do considering I knew nothing
of the wedding couples and I am not a crier."

"We do not just want a videographer to shoot a video. We want a videographer who is reliable enough to understand our needs, resourceful enough to capture all the important moments, and talented enough to make those moments shine. Reb6 is the perfect team for that."

Susan C August 2014

We watched our video last night and it brought me right back to that day. We laughed, we cried, WE LOVED IT!! They're work is impeccable. Watching our feature film was like watching a movie. That's primarily why we booked them, b/c of their style of cinematography. 

Nikki HMay 2015

On the wedding day, we barely noticed them, they blended well in the event and worked well with our photographer. Sig has a calm about him that is reassuring and much appreciated on a day when there is so much going on.

(That awesome photographer is Duy Ho of Duy Ho Photography  )

JeannieMay 2018

We pride ourselves to have one of the highest satisfaction
ratings in the world. With over 100 yelp reviews and 50 plus
more emails from our #happyreb6couples