5 Great Places for a Wedding in the Bay Area

Top 5 Wedding Venues in the Bay Area to Consider

True love is a beautiful thing, which is why photos and videos from weddings can be so beautiful. In a place as lovely as San Francisco, there are dozens of great wedding venues in the Bay Area to make your ceremonies even more spectacular. We know some of the best places to host a one-of-a-kind, wedding ceremonies in the Bay Area.

The best thing about these venues is that all of them are great for filming videos, both from couple's and wedding vendor's perspectives. Let's get started!

5 Best Wedding Venues in the Bay Area

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We are recommending these best wedding venues in the Bay Area based on our experience.

1. San Francisco Ferry Building

For large weddings that need a beautiful space to accommodate hundreds of people, couples should consider the Grand Hall at the San Francisco Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks. This iconic location has been a point of interest for travelers, marketplace shoppers, and tourists visiting the city.

The Grand Hall can be used as a wedding venue in the Bay Area for up to 800 guests. The location has many spots that are perfect for wedding videographers and photographers to capture your beautiful day. And the Grand Hall has soaring ceilings and beautifully tiled floors that make for excellent shots of the entire party. And for Bay Area residents, the clock tower can be seen as a sign of longevity, as the tower has been a symbol of San Francisco for over a century.

2. The Regency Center

Another historic spot that’s perfect for weddings in the Bay Area is The Regency Center. This venue is more than a century old and has an architectural style that is perfect for bay area wedding videographers to show their creativity. Originally constructed in 1909, The Regency Center was recently restored to have three levels of gathering spaces.

Your guests will be impressed by the Beaux-Arts style design, the 35-foot ceilings, turn-of-the-century teardrop chandeliers, blonde hardwood floors, and a horseshoe-shaped balcony. Plus, there’s a built-in stage for a live band within the Grand Ballroom. If you want your wedding video to have the feel and energy of a party from the Great Gatsby, The Regency Center is an excellent choice.

3. The Ranch Golf Club in San Jose

The Bay Area is known for its breathtaking natural beauty that makes it perfect for enjoyable wedding videos. The Ranch Golf Club is an ideal wedding venue in the Bay Area to host a fabulous, outdoor ceremony. The club's hilltop clubhouse is perfect for ceremonies, and the movies made there are lovely. The scenes will include majestic views of all of the natural features that make this wedding place more beautiful. The view stretches from the surrounding landscape of rolling hills, oak-filled canyons, lakes, and creeks, all the way to the San Francisco skyline.

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4. Dogpatch WineWorks

By their nature, wineries are great places for filming in a lush and green setting. The Dogpatch Wineworks in San Fransisco has features that combine the best of a traditional winery look and modern elements. Couples that choose Dogpatch WineWorks will find a versatile and contemporary urban winery that embraces the industrial-chic vibe with wrought-iron chandeliers, walls lined with oak barrels, and romantic Italian string lighting.

It's an excellent place for a couple to share their vows and to enjoy some merriment with friends afterward. And if you'll let us, Reb6studios will be there to get it all on tape.

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5. Rengstroff House

If you're looking for the best wedding venue in the Bay Area with a classical feel, you should consider the beautifully Victorian Rengstorff House. This jewel of a Victorian Italianate house was built in 1867 and has many elements that make it perfect for picturesque marriage ceremonies. The house is surrounded by sprawling lawns and adjacent to a picturesque lake.

The services and receptions are held outdoors, but guests can view the interiors filled with ornate brass chandeliers, Victorian plaster rosettes, and push-button light switches. There are even elements distinct to the time the home was constructed, such as the Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper designs and Eastlake furniture that was appropriate to the time. It's an ideal selection for an unforgettable and timeless marriage ceremony.

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