Why Choose Us? Reviews from Recent Clients

So, why choose us? Ok, first and foremost... Ok wait a minute, why do we need to tell you we're worth your investment where we have our previous clients who hired san jose wedding videographer REB6STUDIOS can tell you why? Ok, so here is why - according to our clients!

The first one is from our Bride - Sandra, who got married at the Ranch Golf Club in San Jose

The second good testimonial is from Linda and Michael, who tied the know the Wedgewood Banquet Center

Last but not the least, a great review from Emory and Justin!

We are going to post more of these reviews in the coming weeks because we think that this is important for you in making a decision to hire a wedding videographer.

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There are so many great reviews and so I hope I'm able to add something different and useful:

Looking back, I can't recall how we found Reb6, but they certainly left an impression on us as we were searching for videographers for our wedding.  They were one of the first vendors we contacted but we wanted to do our due diligence in finding a videographer. From the videographers we looked at, their price range fell in the middle high range of our budget. In the end, we kept comparing all the other videographers to them and decided that our decision had always been made. 

From the moment of 1st contact, Sigmund was extremely responsive with email. Their responsiveness stood out numerous times, particularly during planning and upon receiving our dvds, despite my own shortcomings in checking & responding to emails/mail.  

Come wedding day, they arrived during our morning preparations and were non-intrusive and pleasant to have around--yet unnoticeable at the same time. They communicated and worked extremely well with our photographer.  At our venue, they were set up and ready to go. They coordinated well with other vendors and had their end organized and flawless.  Our videographer was an aspect of our wedding we did not have to worry or even think about.  

Upon receiving our DVDs, we noticed the music from the ceremony was a bit muffled.  We emailed them about our concern, and they promptly responded.  We were able to send them the original mp3s and they inserted them and sent us the new version.  I thought it would take weeks and forgot about it.  I checked my email a few weeks later and realized that they had done it within days of our email exchange!  

With our short film, they ask if there is a preference to choose the music used or to leave it to them.  Considering that everything else had been so great, we left it to them, though the unknown is always a bit worrisome.  They delivered.  One of our speakers during our ceremony quoted lyrics from Proclaimers/I'm Gonna Be.  In our film, they used an amazing rendition of the song I had never heard before.  It was perfect!  In fact, all the music they chose for our short film and documentary footage were fantastic.

Our video captured the day wonderfully and we have gotten nothing but rave reviews on our video from friends, family and strangers.  It was very professional and a lot of care and thought was put into it.  Thanks for making us look good!  =)

If you're looking to have a short turnaround for your product, I will advise that they may not be your fit.  We were in no rush.  Our DVD came roughly 8.5 months after our wedding.  However, the product reflects the time.  

This is advice for wedding planning when having any videographer:  One regret we have is that we didn't invest in lighting for our dance floor.  Dancing was a bulk of our reception and we didn't have very good dance footage after the lights went out.


AMAZING! My  husband and I were engaged for over 2 years, so we had plenty of time to plan our wedding. At first we were hesitant to hire a videographer because we just weren't sure if it was really necessary. However, after just 1 day of poking around to look at wedding videos online for fun, i came across Reb6studios. We watched their videos on their blog, and were completely speechless. Not only did their video changed our minds about having a videographer for the wedding, but their beautiful work confirmed that they were indeed the one. Not only are they responsive, but are some of the nicest people ever! You can't go wrong with working with one of the best teams around!

We just received our wedding video, and I think we probably watched it 10 times within one evening because it was just THAT good. REB6Studios captured every moment perfectly, and even parts that we didn't even realized would have been caught on video. Their creativity, and their attention to detail is one of a kind, and we couldn't imagine anyone else that could have done a better job of capturing our wedding day. We trusted them 100% as soon as we booked them, and they delivered something so beautiful that we are still speechless every time we watch the video.

If you want to work with a wonderful team, and have a fantastic wedding video that will keep people talking for years, this is your team!!


PERFECT. I was looking for a videographer to capture my wedding day and I wanted the BEST of the best. I fell in love with REB6Studios after watching some feature films on their websites. I cried (tears of joy) watching strangers' wedding videos because I was moved by how beautifully the moments were captured. I booked Reb6Studios the very next week without consulting my then fiance, there are some things I just know I have to act on. Reb6Studios is awesome, they are great to work with and VERY professional. They were perfect - really, I don't think I have met a more professional and knowledgeable group of videographers anywhere else in all my searches. They made sure that everything I wanted to be captured was in the video. Oh and one more thing, they are really nice =) I just want to give them a BIG hug.

Are you still looking for a wedding videography services in San Francisco to film yours? I mean the one who stays true to their word/ work? Let's chat !