Wedding at the Wente Vineyards

Sometimes you experience something amazing, out of the box, so marvelously, charmingly unusual, that there's only one thing you can say: Wow!!!This wedding is what it is all about, the wow! On this post, we are showcasing a spectacular wedding we shot at  Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA filmed by your favorite San Francisco wedding videographer, reb6studios.This is where all our ducks are lined up. The weather, the timing, the moments, are all there.

It sure made our shooters a night to feast for filming. We pulled out almost all our gears on this wedding and the shots came fantastic!But the wow never stops there! It is the story. Yes, it is the story behind Barbara and Mitch that made us love this film to pieces. Whenever we are opened to opportunities for a unique story , you know we're all over it and capitalize! After a couple of hours of figuring out the story lines for this wedding film, we came up with this!

We would like to thank the other wonderful vendors who made this wedding film fabolous!

Venue: Wente Vineyards
Photography: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

UPDATE 6/4/2015:

THIS JUST IN!!! After a couple of hours, our lovely bride finally watch their film and they loved it! Their family and friends are also raving about it on their facebook page!

In text

Omg you's amazing. I don't even know where to begin!!! I want to have another wedding so I can hire you guys again. 🙂 The way you put our story together, and how much thought and detail you put into each and every shot, we are so lucky to have had you guys as our wedding videographers. We knew you guys were great...but DANG!!! Your work on our video just goes to show how much you put in to each and every client's big day, and how much you understand and take into consideration what each couple is about. Our whole video is so us, and more importantly, the influence of my mom on my wedding day couldn't have been portrayed more elegantly. I'm truly touched by how you guys incorporated her into our big day, no matter if she wasn't physically there. You've never even met her, but you knew all of the right things to include that paid such a great tribute to her, and how much she was on all of our minds that day, and forever. Words can never express how much that means to us, and me especially.

Thank you so much for the incredible work, and just for being you!!! You all were SO much fun to be around (on-off-on-off), while keeping everything super professional, and we couldn't have asked for anything more than that. It's no wonder you guys are so popular year after year! SALAMAT!!!! <3#barmitchvah

Do you like what you see? Does it stand out from the hundreds of wedding videos you've seen lately from other san francisco wedding videographer? (ie not just a montage of video shots, that doesn't make sense? Like.. it has a story? like... emotional? are feeling you're in it and it is not even your wedding film? what more if its yours?..

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