Wedding at the Terra Gallery SF

Ben and Jason's wedding at the Terra Gallery San Francisco was spectacular! Aside from our team providing wedding videography, we also had our bay area slow motion booth and san francisco photobooth team for them. They absolutely knew how to party and they party hard! Although, I can tell you now that the cinematic wedding video is somewhat emotional (coming soon, so please stand by for that!), our slow motion booth was the exact opposite! All the guests had a great time, it was loud, crazy, and just fantastic night overall.

Our bay area slow motion booth service did a fantastic job. I mean, we are not saying this ourselves, this is thru our grooms flooded facebook wall, which we shared also on our facebook page. Please like our page if you have not done so by the way 🙂

Check out this flooded facebook wall !!! (this was after 2 days of posting it. we don't know how much comments came in after that)

Ok, now let us show you the final product! Thank You Bay Area slow motion booth team for rocking the party of Ben and Jason's wedding at the terra gallery!!!

Do you want something like this on your wedding? You can either contact reb6studios here to add this to your wedding package or head straight to our slow motion booth site!