Wedding at the San Geronimo Golf Course

Nikki and Wanshun Wedding Feature Film

"People say that the happiest day in their lives is when they got married, you'll just say Ok, ok...and then you're there and it truly is! I woke up and I had a big smile on my face this morning cause i knew what was going to be coming" -- Wanshun

Wanshun was not the only happiest person that day but also Nikki. After you see this film, you'll see why.

Whenever we come to film a wedding, it is usually our job to find a way how to make the bride comfortable in front of the camera during the day. Nikki, on the other hand made us feel comfortable during the day. She is just full of energy and full of love! She has a great sense of humor (we follow her blog) and a very sincere and loving person. We'd like you to check out her vows, the most sincerest vows we've witnessed.

Nikki is one of a kind, she's no ordinary girl!


Just right after watching her film, Nikki sent us an email, text, and facebook message (her facebook wall was flooded with comments too!)

**Nikkis email

*Nikki's Text Message
"Being able to afford high-end videography is such a privilege. I just wish more people could afford it. You two are such an inspiration to me. You have so much deeply enrich the lives of couples and families through your art."

Nikki also wrote on our FACEBOOK Wall

Ok, live update you guys, just about after an hour Nikki finally saw their film! and here is what she said:" Speeeeeecccchhhhllleeessss.

Sigmund & Mariane, this is a masterpiece! Truly. We are in awe with your work and while I always thought this was a cliche thing to say, words can not even begin to explain the emotions we are feeling after watching our feature! We are completely blown away by your ability to craft together all the emotional elements of the day....nostalgia, serenity, sentimentality, humor, playfulness, joy, exhilaration, and comfort. Those descriptors just ramble off our brains as we reflect on what we just witnessed. Also, the kind and sincere words you wrote about us were so touching. The reason you produce such phenomenal events is because love, passion, honesty and joy are all the wonderful things that make you two YOU! Your work is truly a reflection of the beauty you two possess as individuals, as artists and as partners in life. It's very clear that hiring REB6Studios to capture the most important event of our lives was by far the best gift we could have given each other. We're forever grateful..........

P.S. Nikki and Wanshun - thank you for this wonderful gift! We will be forever grateful!

Coordinator: Jennifer Kim
Reception: San Geronimo Golf Course
Photography: Annika Erickson Photography
Make up Artist : Gayle Parker
Flowers: Vanda Floral Design


I also had the pleasure of working with Nikki. I just love the video you created for Nikki and Wanshun and thrilled to see it all unfold. Your work has truly enabled them to reflect on such a precious moment! Awesome job!

MARTI MANIATES - APRIL 11, 2013 - 6:00 PM
This is indeed the most beautiful wedding video I have ever seen and believe me I have been tortured with watching many friends wedding videos. I could watch this over and over. It is like a trailer to a movie that you want to see. Truly beautiful and obviously made with alot of love. Thank you for making this wonderful rememberance for Nikki and Wanshun and all who love them.
Marti Maniates