Wedding at the Ranch Golf Club

Sandra and Brendan's Feature Film

We like to share with you today the story of Sandra and Brendan. They are both educators, Sandy is a first grade teacher while Brendan is a University professor. So judging by their looks here, we can assume that their classes are always full.  They met at a wedding and attended more than ten weddings together since then! Sandy looked amazingly stunning in her white dress. Brendan surprised Sandy with his new hair cut, and the reaction from Sandy was priceless during their first look! It was probably the first time she saw Brendan with a short hair. Actually, everyone during the ceremony was surprised with Brendan's new look. Either way, they both looked amazing that night.

We started filming in the morning at the Hotel Valencia in Santana Row and shot the ceremony and reception held at the Ranch Golf Club in San Jose. We were very fortunate to have worked with wonderful vendors and with great teamwork, we were able to tell Sandy and Brendan's story!
Special thanks to Maurice Ramirez for providing us with some amazing photos!
We are truly grateful to be your wedding videographer Sandra and Brendan! Thank you for the card and gift you sent us! We truly appreciate it!