Shirley and Kevin Review

Wedding at the Monterey Plaza Hotel | Review from a REB6 couple

And another review just came in folks! Shirley and Kevin! One of the best wedding films we've ever done! Here is what they have to say:

"When we were planning our wedding, we watched a LOT of online videos of other weddings to get an idea of how we wanted our special day to be. We happened to stumble upon the website of Reb6Studios and just absolutely loved their videos! We did a little more research and shopping around on the interwebs and finally decided that REB6 would be our best option based on price, quality and availability.

We contacted Sigmund by filling out a little questionnaire on their website. Booking, deposits and payments were pretty easy through Google Wallet. We communicated mostly via email and they were good with answering any questions we might have had, and questions we never thought of asking. We aren't the most creative of peoples, so we trusted their creative prowess to make our video memorable and original.

The day of our wedding was made less stressful by Sigmund and his crew. They were there (in Monterey) early and coordinated well with our wedding coordinator and our still photographers. Right from the get go, they went out of their way to stay out of our way They were able to get some great footage of all of the important parts of the wedding.

Our wedding was in September, and the CDs and DVDs were delivered in March. Not too bad, considering other friends of ours waited nearly a year for theirs from other vendors.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the service and products we received from Sigmund, his wife Mariane, and the rest of the Reb6 crew. They are the nicest and most accommodating people you will ever meet. Thanks guys!
Wedding at the Monterey Plaza Hotel

Ok, now about time to actually tell their love story...