Tam and Ron

Wedding at the Club Auto Sport San Jose, CA | Lovely Notes

We ended our year with this spectacular wedding at the Club Auto Sport. There are lots of "out of the box" ideas about this wedding and we will let you watch it to see what are they. What we liked about this wedding was the people in it. Tam and Ron seemed to have collected all the best people in one place. Everyone, including us had fun! There were no dull moments. It was fun, loud, and full of LOVE!

We would like to quote Tam's very talented makeup artist Aimee Lam of Aimee makeup artistry on her facebook page. I think she said it best here and we totally couldn't agree more!

"Tam & Ron are both amazing individuals. They're meant for each other & their love is very inspiring. I'm so glad these 2 beautiful souls have found their happy home together! "

Perfection. Add me to the list of perfect 5 star-reviews! Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how much work and effort is involved, and it's the best feeling ever when your vendor puts your mind at ease and delivers beyond what you could ever imagine. I'm a big fan of referrals, and when my friend showed me her highlight video by Reb6Studios, I knew I had to use them. Within a matter of 2-3 email exchanges with Sigmund, I booked with them immediately because I knew that their schedule would quickly fill up. Email responses were super quick, and they were always very professional and courteous.

On the day of my wedding, I remember meeting Sigmund first followed by 2 of his team members. They were quick to introduce themselves, and went straight to work- borrowing my dress, jewelry, etc. They coordinated well with my photographer and made everything seamless. I basically let them do everything without any guidance, from shooting of the wedding to editing of the film. You really don't have time to coordinate on your wedding day, and after the wedding - you just want to veg out!

We ordered a next day highlight video in addition to our wedding package, and we got notification of the video while were on our honeymoon. With extremely weak internet, we were so sad that we couldn't view the video. I went ahead and posted it on FB anyway to let friends see it first, and we just watched one by one..all the likes, loves, and comments. If only we could see it...

Finally we saw it, and our feature film was so much fun- we were laughing and crying at the same time. I was so shocked to see all the extra pieces of footage that you never knew existed. Transitions were flawless, music choice was perfect, editing and commentary amount was just right. The bride and groom could only be in one spot at one time, so it was very exciting to see what else was going on in our wedding. Sig and his crew are like little ninjas because I hardly remember seeing them on the wedding, yet the film caught so much detail. We have a few more months before the full wedding video comes out, but we have confidence that it will blow us away once again.

Thank-you Reb6Studios and team and we wish you continued success!

Fun facts about Tam and Ron:
1.Ron proposed to Tam on 12-12-12
2.Ron had a secret crush on Tam for 5 years (she knew about it)
3. Tam has alway beat Ron in Super Shot Basketball (check out their epic match)
4. On their very first date, Tam gave Ron four injections for fun, and Ron cried tears of happiness
5. Ron is considered one of the youngest entrepreneur at the age of 30. He founded a successful company called Ultralight Optics.
6. Tam is also a dentist and one of her favorite procedures is pulling teeth. She is opening a Dental Office in Orange county really soon!
7. Their wedding was so unique in so many ways.
8. Tam and Ron and company - definitely know how to party!

Photography: Tyler Vu Photography
MUA: Aimee-MakeUp-Artistry
Coordinator: A Touch of Elegance
Photo Booth: Mementostrip
Cake: The Buttercup Bakery