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We are Published!!! : Aerial Photography and Aerial Video Production

Great news!!! This is our first time being published in a magazine so we are pretty excited and for us this is a BIG DEAL 🙂  The rangefinder magazine houses some of the award winning writers to date and have been consistently honored by the Western Publishing Association for its editorial excellence. (source Rangefinder magazine)

So to be in it, together with some top cinematographers in the world is quite an honor if you ask me!

So what is the magazine issue all about? We'll our team has been interviewed to talk about aerial photography and aerial video production. I discussed the topic about how we incorporate aerial videos at a wedding, which is I think becoming more and more popular today. Drone photography used to be expensive, because you have to rent a helicopter to get your aerial videos or aerial photos captured. But since 2014, where drones became a hit, our team decided to invest in it due to the fact that it really can take our film to new heights, literally.

If you have been following our blog, you're probably quite familiar with some of our latest films incorporating some wedding drone videos.

This year, we will be continuing to implement and enhance our aerial video production, on both corporate and weddings.

Do you have an awesome private venue at your wedding? Maybe it is grand, when shot from the top? Contact Us now to see if we have aerial videos services available for your wedding!

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