Video Production Company | ALDF Interview Video

The REB6STUDIOS video production company team recently produced an interview with the executive director of ALDF in Sonoma, CA. While Ian Elwood was looking for video prodcution companies in San Francisco, he stumbled upon our team. We were exchanging emails back and forth with their social media head for a week, and we finally decided that we were a great fit to work on this project.

The interview video below was cut short for you to get an idea of the quality of sound and video we can produce for your company. Of course, the final product was delivered in perfect shape 🙂

Here is what you need to pay attention to if you're looking for video production companies in San Francisco:

1. Quality of the Video - Look at how sharp, crisp, clear the image is. An amazing production company invests in high quality top of the line cameras for their clients.

2. Sound - a good video production company should be able to have an arsenal of high quality audio equipment to get the best sound possible. Not, to mention, they should be able to have a reliable system as well.

3. Great Customer Service - a video production company should be able to assist you and make suggestions during the pre production process. If they don't care and get to know your project, then it probably won't turn out really well in the end.

Project Name:
ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund Interview Video
san francisco video production company - reb6studios

Project Objectives:
-produce a video interview matching previous client's video
-professional video lighting and sound
-use a teleprompter with script

Project Approach:
Our video production company have served numerous business around here in the san francisco and the bay area. We were surprised that even in the sonoma and napa areas, we were still being found to produce quality videos for non profit organizations. One of those who found us was the ADLF (Animal Legal Defense Fund). We were tasked to interview the executive director Stephen Wells.

First we needed to find out how long the script will be in order for us to give them a proper quotation of the hours we need to be working pre and post production.

Our main contact gave us a picture beforehand and it really helped a lot in determining what we need to bring or not to bring to the shoot.

Preparation is key, a video production company must be well prepared upon arrival to the shoot for a smooth sailing production.

Day Of Production
Upon arrival, we started setting up our backdrops, camera equipments, lighting, and the teleprompter. It almost took about an hour to setup. We initially suggested a 2 hr film production in order for us to have an extra time for spill offs, and retakes. Yes, mistakes on the interviews happen even with a teleprompter. A video production company must set this expectations with their clients, because sometimes they have no idea that even with a clear prompt in front of you, readers will still make mistakes once in a while.

Post Production
The post per our contract will be delivering the synced audio files to the client. Their own video production company (in house) will later on edit the piece combined with b rolls they shot previously.

Final Product
The final product was sent to their provided hard drive and sent immediately thru fedex.

Now you know that we’re not only your san francisco wedding videographer,  yes, we also do corporate films as well. So if your company happens to look for video production companies in san francisco, the reb6studios video production team is here!