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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Consider A First Look

Your wedding day is a day filled with more emotions than you may believe yourself capable of feeling. There will be excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, stress, you will feel rushed, unprepared and completely ready for this! I have found as I have been able to do first look videos with couples that these emotions have been much less debilitating and the couple is able to really enjoy the ceremony. Here are the reasons I believe every couple should consider doing a first look.

1. Being able to see your significant other before having to walk down the aisle will often have a calming effect. It can give a moment to reassure you that everything is okay and that the love of your life is in fact waiting for you as they have promised. I cannot describe the weight that seems to lift off of the bride's shoulders as she is able to gaze into her future husband's eyes, and to see his love and appreciation for her and all the work that went into making the day perfect.

Check this Instagram video teaser and see Christian's reaction of their first look!​ (Sonoma Wedding)

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2. When you do a First Look it gives the couple some time to be alone, to appreciate each other and to be able to share an intimate private moment before having to jump right into the seriousness of the ceremony and the crowds of well-meaning people that will surround them immediately after. It gives them a moment to share some thoughts and endearing words, privately. The bride and groom will not have to feel rushed and can take the time to express any feelings they want to share beforehand.

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3. It gives more time not only to have pictures taken but it also gives the ability to take more personal, memorable pictures that you can later look back on with great fondness because of the time, care and emotion you were able to put into them. After the ceremony you will have many people wanting to come and say hello, congratulations and shake your hand. It can make for a long day for everyone involved when the time has to be taken immediately after the ceremony to take family pictures and even longer for those of just the couple. It can make the couple feel as though they have to rush so they can rejoin their family and friends who are waiting and in doing so they will miss out on some opportunities to really capture the emotion of the day. But when they are done during the First Look you have time to get some wonderful photos and videos, without sacrificing your time with your family and friends and the feeling of urgency and being rushed can be avoided.

At the end of the day, and days, months or even years later you able to go back and watch a beautifully created, personalized video and view pictures of your First Look it will take you back in time and remind you of those feelings you had as you gaze upon the love of your life, on your wedding day, for the first time. It will bring back memories and emotions you will never want to forget. It is a moment you will treasure and you will always be thankful for choosing to do a First Look.

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