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Tips on Finding the Perfect Videographer for your Wedding

Yes, we are back with this awesome post for you! Yes, you! We know you are probably in the process of hiring the best San Francisco wedding videographer for your wedding. Whether it be a winery wedding, or a city hall wedding, we wanted to let you know that you are in the right direction. Yes, having a wedding videographer is just as important as having bay area wedding photographer at your wedding. You will probably know by now that there are many of bay area wedding videographers out there that are gonna push you to book with them. What we mean by that is they are gonna get you on the phone after initial contact and hard sell you their services. We at REB6Studios, from the very beginning, have realized that we are not very good at hard selling to our potential clients. Before booking we make sure that our clients understand what we do and what we are all about and see if we are a good fit. We have been successful in doing this that our clients most likely are the best satisfied clients out there. Our most successful weapon in booking is our story telling itself.

So here are two tips that might help you...

1. Watch The Films. The very first thing you should do in finding the best wedding videographer for your wedding is to watch their wedding films. We find that our recent clients have researched/watched about 20-25 wedding films before they finally made a decision. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself: Does the wedding film make sense? Does it even tell a story? Is it all over the place? Are shots just plain boring? Are the colors dull? Is it just a slideshow of video clips put together inside a 5 minute video? Are you hooked on watching more films on their website? Ultimately, if it will be your wedding film, would you be able to tell your family and friends at a gathering and say "Hey, this is our wedding film, we are proud to show this one to you! Check it out!"

2. Check out their latest and greatest reviews. Oh yes, not just the old reviews you see on their yelp page. It has to be recent. Sure they can have a lot of reviews but the question is how many satisfied clients in a year do they have?

Before we leave, we just want to share with you our latest reviews from our clients in 2015. These are the partial number of clients since we are still editing the other projects as we speak.

Dear Reb6,
Thank you so much for sending us our video link!  The video is beautiful!  When can we expect the link to download the video?
Thank you!
Stephanie and Long


We used Reb6studios team for our wedding.

We are amazed about how great the film looks like in the end.
I definitely recommend their service!

Thanks very much for helping us capturing the greatest moment in the wedding. It means a lot to us!

I don’t know where to begin. All I know that is Sigmund and his team are amazing! Prior to our engagement, I stumbled upon their website and I fell in love with their work immediately. I couldn’t help but fall in love with his artistic work over and over again (I cried each time). My husband proposed at the happiest place on earth. Disneyland is a place where dreams do come true. Booking Reb6 was definitely on my bucket list and I am grateful to have my sister in law hire Sigmund as our wedding gift. It is worth every penny!

Prior to our meeting, I was very excited and eager to finally meet my videographer who I have been following for quite some time now. Upon the first contact, Sigmund was very professional, warm, and truly wanted to get to know us. They were responsive during the wedding planning process by text, calls, and email.
The next following day after the wedding, Sigmund surprised us in honor of Father’s Day, a short video clip of me and my father. My family and friends loved it and couldn’t help but watch it countless times. It’s crazy how we have 3k views! It’s amazing how it looks like you’re watching a movie, but of course their known as the best cinemaphotography.
Future Reb6couples, you will not be disappointed. Although, I haven’t received our feature film and complete video yet, I know the wait will be all worth it. Despite having to wait until next year, I am excited to re-live it all over again. I feel privileged to have Reb6Studios as our videographer. Thank you again for making my dreams come true by capturing our wedding and making it truly magical.

We knew we had to have Sigmund and his team do our video for our wedding when we met them way back when for my sister Linda’s wedding. They did such amazing work then and as time has gone on their videos are so breathtaking and always make my fiancé cry. I would recommend them to anyone who are looking for quality/breathtaking videos where you can save them forever and pass them on to generation to generation.thank you again ! I am excited to see a sample clips.

JUSTIN+ANGIE – 6/26/15
We love Reb6studios! To be honest, my husband and I weren’t even sure if we wanted to budget for a wedding videographer. Most times, we found wedding videos to be a bit cheesy and hastily produced and if you really wanted something good — it would cost an arm and a leg.
Luckily for us, that was not the case with Reb6studios. Sigmund, Mariane and the entire team truly are masters at what they do and for the artistry that they produce, I’d say it’s quite a reasonable price (especially since we’ve done our research in looking at other options in the Bay Area).
We absolutely *love* our wedding video and it’s definitely something we’ll continually watch as the years go by. Some of the things our friends have told us that they regret doing for their own wedding was 1.) Spend more time with guests and 2.) Getting a wedding videographer.
We’re so glad we found Sigmund & Mariane. Our wedding video was a hit — touching, candid, sweet and well-produced. Our family and friends were also so impressed that they even shared it amongst their own circle of friends. On top of it all, they were a breeze to work with and very accommodating/professional as we were planning remotely from the East Coast. Needless to say, I would recommend Reb6 to anyone without question. Thank you so much for allowing us to relive our special day.

Justin’s Review
Reb6 was impeccable from start to finish. Tons of love for Reb6 already but my wife and I felt an absolute need to share our wonderful experience working with Sigmund, Mariane, and the rest of their team. Our wedding took place last June 2015 at Nestldown in Los Gatos, and we have nothing but great things to say about their work.
From day 1, Reb6 was responsive and proactive in working with us. Planning our Bay Area wedding from Boston, it was critical for us to partner with vendors who were responsive and communicative.
On the day of our wedding, Reb6 showed up early for setup and had everything ready ahead of schedule. And although we didn’t meet Sigmund and Mariane until the day of our wedding, it was clear they had done a ton of preparation beforehand and had immense experience from past weddings. They knew exactly the types of shots they wanted and made sure to capture those key moments in a candid and comfortable fashion. Very rarely do you feel like someone is family when you first meet them, but on that day, that’s how we felt about Sigmund and his team.
To our surprise, we received our edited wedding highlights film way ahead of schedule. We’ve watched the video countless times and it’s impossible to have a dry eye. The video is stunningly-produced and it was truly a work of art. We were particularly impressed with the intense focus on every detail from the music, the expressions and all the scenes. You can tell Sigmund and his team put a lot of creative thought and energy into the production as the short film really does tell the story of our wedding.
If anyone is still looking for a wedding videographer, look no further! Without a doubt, my wife and I would recommend Reb6 to deliver on a beautiful, creative, and emotional wedding video.
Thank you, Sigmund and Mariane, for allowing us to relive our wedding again!

GEORGE+HUA – 8/1/15
Sigmund and his team in Reb6 are the best!! We just got our video this weekend and they did an awesome job!! We watched it over and over again, and it really brought joyful tears in our eyes! We truly LOVE their work. We are so glad that we chose Reb6 to record this precious moment in our lives, because they present it so beautifully! .
And the way they worked is very professional. They worked really well with our photographers as a team, even though it was the first time they worked together. Highly recommended.

VENICE+ALVIN – 6/14/15
Thank you!!! I finally received our beautiful video!!!Thank you Mariane & Sigmund for your hard work! Were so grateful that we chose you to capture our special day, by watching the video you made us reminisce one of the happiest moments of our lives. The video made us cry, laugh, and smile at the same time! Thank you again were so blessed to have your team in our wedding!!!
Thank you so much for capturing one of the most important event in our lives. Thank you for your patience and dedication. Sigmund's team are always professional, quick in responding all my questions, and making sure that their customers are always satisfied. I am so greatful to have chosen you in our wedding. I believe your the Jason Magbanua of US naks! he's actually the one who recommend me to you guys. While watching my wedding video for the first time, there are so many mix of emotions I felt and I literally cried, laughed, and fell in love again. I cant believe how they captured those special moments because their almost invisible on that day. Thank you again for everything! You guys deserve the five stars and I hope we could still afford you in our future event someday lol ! God bless love, Alvin & Venice

 GYPSEE+BRIAN – 6/11/15
My then fiancé was so against getting a video for our wedding but I kept assuring him that a video was a must! So we hired the best ( reb6studios )! I wanted to be able to re-live our wedding day, and for me, pictures weren’t enough. Hiring Sigmund and his team was the best decision we made. Our video came out beautifully and I’ve probably watched the highlight video a hundred times and it still tears me up every time. Last night my now husband said to me “You made me eat my words, that video was the best investment. Sigmund and his team are the best, he definitely has a gift”. This was coming from the guy who never admits he is wrong. VICTORY! We have had so many compliments on the video and can look back at it for years to come. I cannot thank reb6studios enough for their hard work. They are the best! HIRE THEM!!

NOELLE+BEN – 5/23/15
We received the video (we had been traveling for the last few weeks), and were finally able to watch it last night. It was absolutely perfect! Thanks so much!!

OMG you guys!! We just watched our wedding feature film…WOW! We bawled our eyes out! You captured every emotion beautifully. Thank you SO much. We will cherish this forever!

TRAN+DUY – 5/19/15
My wife and I saw the movies and we like it!
I wasn’t have time to enjoy it last week. My wife downloaded it to her pc, and I’m going to download it once again today. I’ll make sometimes to enjoy the movies again this week.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

Duy & Tran

BEN+JASON – 3/14/15
Big ups to REB6STUDIOS for capturing the most tearful moments from our wedding. Press play at your own risk!

“Cried all over again! Amazing video to always have of an incredible love filled day!

“This was amazing, but damn I’m all cried out over your wedding!!!

dang it! It made me cry! I’m blaming my hormones!

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