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Shirley and Kevin Wedding Ceremony at the Monterey Plaza Hotel

"For all the time that Kevin was away, stationed at far away places, around the world, flying planes - he found the most amazing woman in the world, close to home." In this post today, we are going to discuss about the amazing love story of Shirley and Kevin.

With the wedding ceremony of Shirley and Kevin, we got the opportunity to work first time at the Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, CA. And there's a reason why this beautiful couple chose this destination. Well, this is Shirley and Kevin's favorite hangout spot!

A Lovely Wedding Ceremony of Shirley and Kevin

Indeed, Monterey Plaza Hotel is a lovely place to go for a date or even spend your sunny weekends.

As their wedding videography services provider in San Francisco, we spent time with them to understand their requirements. To make their moments more special we did our best to create a feature video that shows all their emotions. And their reaction made our day.!

Just right after posting this on our Facebook wall, Shirley shared it on her Facebook page right away. Straightaway, her wall was flooded and for us, it was a big deal that not only our couples love it but their friends raved about it too, while others cried with happiness. It makes us want to do more shooting around them because Shirley and Kevin and their entourage were really one of the nicest group to be with. They made us feel like one their friends during that day!

They Made Us Feel Like a Part of their Family

Kevin is not only a good looking guy, he is also super nice! I remember Kevin rushing to hand us a pretty wine glass with their names printed on them. He insisted us to have it because he said we been part of his special day. Shirley was the most beautiful woman that night! You'll see by the way she walks that she knows how to rock those Christian Louboutins.

Probably by now, Kevin has graduated for his Masters Degree and Baby Kas is almost here (Congrats Shirley and Kevin). We are so happy for you! Ok, now about time to actually tell their love story with the wedding video we have made for them. Check it here!

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