Save The Date Video | Legion of Honor San Francisco Wedding

As we get ready for our 2015 wedding season, we would like to kick things off with a save the date video we created for one of our couples, Lisa and Jeff. To those who don't know what a save the date video is, simply put it this way: there are tons of save the date ideas you can find on the internet right now, and most of those are probably going to point you to cards, photos, and all that traditional stuffs. Lisa and Jeff wanted something unique in a way they can express and invite and tease their family and friends. So, they commissioned us to create a save the date video for their upcoming legion of honor san francisco wedding.

Lisa and Jeff 's friends knew that they would be a great fit for each other even before they have crossed paths. They initially met at a house party, and played a game, where you have to wink at someone. That probably that start of it 🙂 However, it wasn't until much later in their lives that they reconnected.

Lisa: "If I had to choose an analogy for our experiences, it would be Kintsugi, the art of taking a broken piece of pottery and fixing it with gold lacquer. The art of transformation takes something ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.."

At home, they both share the same interest in science fiction/fantasy/anime movies as well as video games and can debate over different story lines and art direction. To find someone with the same interest in this world is really difficult, that is why Lisa and Jeff, in our opinion is a perfect match!

We cannot wait until October to film their Legion of Honor san Francisco wedding. We are pretty sure that the day will be magical, lots of emotional moments, and most of all lots of fun times with their family and friends.

So, friends and families, mark your calendars! ... and enjoy this save the date video we produced for Lisa and Jeff.

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