Ryu and Mariko in Bali, Indonesia

Lucky, is the word the we need for this blog post.

We were lucky that Ryu and Mariko chose as lead destination wedding videographer for this amazing wedding that took place at the Ayana Resort and Spa Bali.

Honestly, I don’t even know how we got so lucky to be able to travel thousand miles away from home then be able to do what you love. Our journey to Bali Indonesia was the real definition of epic. We say epic, because guests (including us) were taken care of the Ayana Resort staff during our stay.

From accommodation, the Ayana Staff were very respectful and accommodating. Whenever we need lights, there are staff to help us with is. During our pre-scout, we have escorts

to locations around the resort to make sure we get our shots we needed. We were invited to a prewedding brief, just right before venue walk through and I'm surprised how big the production crew is.

I mean, prewedding briefs don't normally happen a lot. It was our first time attending one. What I love about it is that both the photographer and Bay Area Wedding Videographer have been asked of inputs about the logistics of the timeline, locations, and creative inputs.

Wow! So then I went ahead and gave all the inputs I can to make sure we are going to put our couple to the best light and situation possible.

We have crews carrying umbrellas and handing waters just to make sure the wedding party is safe and feeling comfortable during the hot day. This is just to name a few of the perks from being part of this production. So, yeah, everything felt like it was that perfect wedding shoot, perfect weather, perfect wedding clients!

To give a preview of the wedding, Ryu and Mariko had a cocktail party the night before the wedding. It was at the famous Rockbar of Ayana. If you ever look at trip advisor, you probably are familiar of the Rockbar. Basically it is a bar situated on the side of the cliff above the beach with the stunning view of the sunset, right in front of you. But of course, these are text descriptions; better just see our stunning aerial shot of it with our latest arsenal - our aerial videography. I mean to tell you exactly, there is no other shot that could tell you how grand this thing is, an aerial video of this is absolutely necessary.


Now let us talk about the other Lucky guy, Ryu. Lucky to marry such an amazing, kindhearted, and gorgeous smart woman like Mariko.  As how he says it, he is really lucky to have every single person at their wedding. Ryu would have thanked everyone during the reception but it would probably take days to mention about close to 450 of them. He even thanked the coordinators, djs, lights, and even the waters. This is what we admire about Ryu, (compared to what he was able to accomplish, graduated in Harvard and then build a growing company of his own) indeed he is a very humble person at heart.

Without further ado, here is Ryu and Mariko’s Wedding Highlights.


Wedding Videographer : REB6STUDIOS - www.reb6studios.com
Wedding Planner: Innaz Communique - http://www.innazevents.com
Sound and Lighting : DJ Danny - http://www.danditinc.com
Decorator : Floral Lines
Hair and Make Up: Taro-http://www.paradisejp.com/
Photo: Erika Gerdemark http://www.gerdemark.com
Venue: Ayana Resort and Spa Bali
Cake: Ixora - http://www.ixoracakes.com
Band : Ricky

*Latest update on people commenting on our blog, Facebook, and instagram page

-dude so epic, gave me chills
-The term may have been used before, but epic really is the best way to describe this wedding and how you captured it. Way to go Sigmund!
-Sig... You rock bro.. Masterpiece..
-WOW! Great job kuya and ate Mariane
-I don't use the word epic a lot, but I will have to agree and say it did look like an epic wedding. Absolutely gorgeous. Good job guys!!!
-wow.. master piece bro. mesmerizing views and the way it was made. gaming!

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