Pre Wedding Love Story of George and Karen

Pre Wedding Love Story of George and Karen

It has been a long time since we were able to create another epic pre wedding love story. One of the reasons was that pre wedding love story or what a lot of other wedding video companies call it, engagement videos (atleast how we do it here in reb6studios) take a good amount of time. From pre-production, production and post production we have to make sure that what we are filming will reflect what our clients envision to see during show time. It is definitely an entire different process compared to a cinematic wedding video. But, just throwing it out there, yes, we do prewedding videography.

Rather than tell you about the pre wedding love story of Karen and George (which you'll be watching below), we will tell you about the process and how we came up with one of the most creative pre wedding love story / engagement videos we've ever produced in our careers.

When Karen and George reached out to us about creating their love story for their wedding, we knew that it will be unique in so many ways. Like for example, Karen had a written script of how the story would unfold on the love story. Another one was that their dog, Minnie, would be playing a big part in the film. The story would also be in a third person point of view / third pet point of view 🙂

The love story shoot took about , 1 day of Pre Production Meeting, bunch of emails back and forth of bouncing around ideas, 2 days of filming and another night of dubbing session. The pre production parts we're the most exciting ones because we had to pitch in some of the ideas in addition to what Karen already had on the script. We had to pick which one worked and which one didn't.

One funny thing about our Karen's instruction was to achieve the "awww" and "make them cry" moments while watching the love story. Although,our bay area wedding videographer team we're well known of doing that, we were still a bit nervous about how the outcome would be when we finally showed it to the crowd. Our team worked really hard in the post production process and really took the time to make sure, the awww moment was accomplished!

When we showed the love story at their wedding, everyone was glued to the screen to see Karen and George's 10 minute love story film. We we're fortunate enough to capture some of their reactions during that night as you'll see in some of our photos below:

At the end, you'll see a well-known singer that surprised Karen that night!!! We won't spoil it for you.

It was well worth the hardwork! Karen and George gave us a thumbs up in the end saying they were both really happy with how it turned out! After it was shown, a couple of guest we're congratulating our team for a job well done as well.

We would like to thank two of the key parts in making this love story: Frances Liu from the Charmed Events Group and Eric from Spintronix Entertainment for coordinating it with us to make sure that there will be no technical difficulties.

If you have a moment, please enjoy watching this Love story of Karen and George. It is one of kind 🙂 . Now, we're off to creating their cinematic wedding video, which is also coming soon.

Ofcourse, REB6STUDIOS gotta do what REB6STUDIOS DO!!! Here is a homerun photo from our REB6STUDIOS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE 🙂

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