A Lovely Note

Palm Event Center Wedding

Hello fans! We just have to post this because it is the mother of all reviews! hahaha! If you guys wonder how it feels whenever we get a review from our clients about how we did, then let me tell you. It feels like you just won first price in a competition. Or how about when your boyfriend finally proposed to you. Or your girlfriend finally saying yes. Yup, yup ... that feeling. We think about it the whole time. You sometimes find us smiling, and you'll think we're smiling for no reason and cray cray! Sooo yes, any reviews short or long, it MEANS A LOT to our group! Funny because the reviews we get actually makes us think, what ? we did that? wow I didn't know that : ) All we know is in every film we shoot, we put our hearts and souls to it.

Palm Event Center Wedding Videographer

We'd like to thank Cindy and Reid for trusting us film their big day at the Palm Event Center! Here is the mother of all reviews, check it out :

I just got married a few days ago and even though I haven't seen the highlight or full feature film yet (we can't wait!), I had to write a review to say how happy and impressed with them I am. Sigmund and his wife Mariane have been great every step of the way and out of the many ups and downs that my now husband and I have had during the 20 month planning process, I have to say that our experience with them was one of the best and most memorable.

When we were searching for videographers, I think I must have contacted 10 different ones, getting pricing, looking at TONS of samples, reading yelp reviews and just getting a general feel for the actual videographer or company through tons of email communication. For my husband and I it was really important that our vendors felt like our friends, because our day was really personal to us and we wanted to be surrounded by great people. We also wanted vendors that got "us" right away and knew what kind of wedding we were going for. I came back to Reb6's website time and time again, and really could NOT stop watching their videos. It was really apparent that they knew what they were doing when it came to getting the important shots and editing so that everything flowed amazingly well. Pretty much every one of Reb6's videos made me cry!

So we booked them right away without an in person interview. We also knew that we wanted to do something special like a love story or engagement video, but we weren't quite sure what. So with feedback from Sigmund and him sending me additional sample videos, we ended up booking a package with a full feature movie of the wedding and a engagement video.

We met with Sigmund and Mariane around four months before the wedding, and told him about our ideas. We decided we wanted to include our bridal party in the engagement video and that this would be the bridal party and our introduction to the wedding. My husband also wanted to do a music video (he thinks he's a rap star). But beyond that, we didn't have much. We clicked with them RIGHT away, and Sigmund starting throwing out tons of ideas which also got our creative juices going. You could tell that Sigmund's was already picturing a story board and different shots. After that meeting, I was already SUPER excited.

Then, two months before the wedding Sigmund rented a kick ass studio in San Jose, and our huge 16 person bridal party (8 and 8) and my husband and I descended en masse with lots of excitement and LOTS of alcohol. Despite our CRAZY ass drunken friends, Sigmund was able to control the chaos and get all the shots he needed, ALL while being great sports and laughing with us (and at us). Pretty much, he and his team are super cool, really nice, and tons of fun. Exactly what we wanted.

Finally...wedding day arrives June 16th. My husband and I had already seen the video since Sigmund sent it to us earlier so we knew how AMAZING it was, but no one else had seen it besides us. Our bridal party was also ITCHING to see it (especially since at least half of them were blacked out during filming from having a little too much fun). I wish I could adequately describe how the guests reacted, but in sum there was a TON of laughs, a lot of tears, and overall, everyone was extremely extremely impressed.

Afterwards and during the rest of the wedding, guest after guest came up to tell us how much they loved the video, how great the editing looked, how fun it looked like our bridal party had making it. We pretty much had a perfect wedding with lots of extra goodies and surprises, and the video was probably the one thing that most of our guests would say was their favorite part.

Some advice to all you brides (and grooms) who aren't sure where to spend your budget...Reb6 was worth every penny. It made our wedding SO unique and memorable, and to top it off we'll be getting the film covering our wedding that I know for a fact will be absolutely amazing. I really could go on and on (I really could), but my husband has now said that my essay is too long, so I'll just end my review with the link to the video...enjoy! http://vimeo.com/43016187.