Marrisa and Michael Wedding

Palm Event Center Wedding Videographer | Marissa + Michael

What we love about weddings is that the clients we work with are probably or most of the times referrals from our past couples. There are times we get to work with a group of friends who happen to be 1-2 years apart from tying the knot. Most of the time, we are referred to a family member who actually watched her brothers/sisters wedding film at their family party. Oh, we encourage you our clients to share the wedding films we created for you because that is our ultimate goal. At a family party, you can go up there and say, “Hey guys, we are proud to show you our wedding film! Check it out!!!”

When we found out that it was a Palm Event Center Wedding, we knew it was going to be a fun day! We’ve shot there so many times already and we could be Palm Event Center preferred vendors in a heartbeat. We’ve crafted so many wonderful films with Palm Event Center as our backdrop. To those who don’t know yet, this palm event center wedding venue is one of the best Livermore Wedding Venues you can ever be on. Probably, one of the most expensive as well. But that is not a surprise.

We knew Michael about 6-7 years ago at her sister’s wedding in Sacramento. He was really young back then, and from time to time, he would check up on us if we were doing ok and if we had eaten already that night. At that time, we were really new to the wedding videography world, and to be treated like a guest was something we never really expected. Michael would probably forget about this but we don’t. Thanks Michael! You really deserve all the success you have in life!

It is our turn now to return the favor, to create something wonderful for him and his lovely wife Marissa to cherish and share memories with family and friends. They’ve known each other since freshman year high school and it is so nice to be able to witness that it is finally happenning. You’ll see on the wedding highlights below how special Marissa is to Michael. Above all of the love for each other, M&M values family and friends deeply, so our job is to create a film that reflects all of these.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you, the wedding film of Marissa and Michael.(For the best quality, press HD, and choose 1080p)

Also, we would like to thank the amazing team of vendors that night!

Wedding Photographer: Studio Dizon

Sound: Spintronix Entertainment LLC

MusicLicensed thru: Songfreedom

Flowers: Nicole Ha Designs

Wedding Cinematographer: REB6STUDIOS