Nicole and Paul in Ontario, Canada

Hey there guys, we would like to share with you some of the fun experience we had on our destination wedding film work for one of our clients.  Although we're not freshmen when it comes to destination weddings, this was our first time in Ontario, Canada!

Our clients initially booked us to film a wedding in Tahoe but I guess, there are some things that aren't meant to be 🙂 About a few months before the grand wedding, our couple had a change of heart and decided it was better to do it in their home town. We are very fortunate to create such a unique product that is very hard to duplicate : storytelling. We truly enjoy being a destination wedding videographer because you get to really see the beauty of earth at the same time witnessing one of the best days of someone's lives.

Before you assume we will be posting their feature film today, you're going to have to wait for now. We are still cutting them, and once it is done, we will scream and shout and you'll see it here. We'll make it worth your wait. Enjoy this lovely trailer for now!

We got some great photos (from our phones). We'll since it was our first time in Canada, it was probably the best to explore their landmarks. We went to Niagara falls and it didn't disappoint. There are two sides you can go to reach the Niagara falls, and we happen to be on the Canada side, the better side. It was huge, grand, and epic. It was like an orchestra performing in front of you, big stage. Actually it was surreal seeing such thing. We also went to some of their most popular tourist spots and wandered around. If you haven't been to Ontario yet, go!!!

Stay tuned for our next wedding destination film adventure, which is in the next coming months! We're going to Indonesia for another destination wedding gig! Yes, it is awesome being a destination wedding videographer.