montalvo arts center videographer wedding

Montalvo Arts Center Wedding | Steven and Judy

A night out in San Francisco on June of 2011 orchestrated this fateful encounter. Judy was new to the city and she does not know anyone but her friend who is moving away. Her friend introduced her to a couple of people, and one of them was Steven.

Steven worked in finance, which meant his day started at 4:45 am. To compensate for the resulting sleep-deprivation, he would sleep all weekend like a bear in hibernation.

Judy likes to nibble and hoard food like a squirrel, and when she gets excited her eyes light up and she runs around making noises like they do in the cartoons.

Henceforth, they were known as “Brr” and “Sqrrl”.

Let’s watch their amazing Wedding Film and see them share their vows to each other as they start their journey together. May their marriage bring them all the exquisite excitements a marriage should bring, and may life grant them also patience, tolerance, and understanding.

Event Planner: Frances Liu of Charmed Events Group, LLCPhotographer: Jen Huang Photography Church: Montalvo Arts Center Make Up Artist: Tiffany Chiang of Design Her Image Makeup & Hair Floral Design: Poppy's Petalworks Bride’s Dress: Soni of BB Bridal DJ: Abi Aldana