Many the Miles | A Love Story

Kim and Joe's Love Story
Probably one of the sweetest things in the world is two seemingly different people meeting and liking each other and then realizing that they actually have a lot in common. The wonderful couple who will soon get married at the Mill Valley Community Center, Kim and Joe, got to know each other with the help of their mutual friends. Kim’s charm and vivacity obviously got Joe smitten and from then on their friendship slowly blossomed into the most romantic relationships ever.

They found out that both of them loved a good laugh, music, travel, Kinect, movies and old tv shows. They both even loved and appreciated silliness, acting like a fool and joking around each other. When asked to describe Kim, Joe immediately says that she has a beautiful smile. As for Kim, she described Joe as shy at first, but she thought that this made him incredibly sweet. Joe’s generosity and kindness easily won her over. He made sure he showed Kim he loved her with little to big romantic gestures.

But it wasn’t easy for the couple, because for the most part, it was long distance. Kim and Joe had to send each other messages though the internet and countless of phone calls. Seeing only each other once every two months for two years and as Kim quipped, “not as much I liked to.” The distance between them did not stand in the way and they made sure of it.

Giving guys around the world a great idea for proposing, he asked Kim to marry her in a very creative way. The day he proposed , Kim received a rose each from ten of her family and friends. Then Joe gave her the 11th and 12th rose for the day and proposed to the teary eyed Kim.

Now they are approaching their wedding date.

Already, we congratulate the couple and wish them all the best. The intensity of their love for each other is just inspiring and documenting their wedding is an honor REB6STUDIOS is looking forward to.