Grace and Denny Review

Los Angeles Athletic Club Wedding | Review from a REB6 couple

Los Angeles Wedding Videographer | Wedding at the Los Angeles Athletic Club

Here is a review from our couple from Los Angeles, whose wedding we shot at the Los Angeles Athletic Club last year in September!

Aside from us, Grace and Denny's Wedding vendors came from different places and we were surprised that they've chosen quite a very well known wedding vendors that day! We've got, the best DJ, award winning photographers Callaway Gable, and their chef from New York! Ohh, and last but not the least, yours truly your REB6 team. The pressure of course grew exponentially when we found this out in the beginning of the day. Regardless of we knew that our counterparts are rock stars in the industry, we still would have done the extra mile as usual for our couple.

Of course, with pressure, that we were coming from the Bay Area, we knew that we have to deliver and impress Grace and Denny with our final presentation feature film. When they sent us this review, we as usual would celebrate for one week!!!

Here is what they have to say...

Los Angeles Wedding Videographer Review

Hiring Reb6studios was the last big decision we made for our wedding, and we very nearly didn't because we thought we didn't need a videographer since we already had great photographers... But after having watched so many of their videos online which all brought tears to my eyes, I didn't want to have any regrets; so we were lucky enough to book them last minute. They made the trek all the way down to southern CA and were professional in every way. The remained in the background and I never felt uncomfortable which was one of my biggest fears because I am extremely camera shy. But Sigmund and his wife  Mariane are sweethearts and recognize exactly what which moments need to be captured. After receiving their finished work last week, my husband and I are so glad that we made the decision to hire them. They are the best! They even stayed late to finish filming our last segment. While we love our photos because they are beautiful and classic, the video brought our wedding day back to us in detail. We spent so much money on our wedding day and it passed like a blur with so much happening around us. But with Reb6studio's movie magic, we got to notice the details and relive the phenomenal day. Watching our vows to one another over again made my heart swell with the same feeling of that day, and I know that this film will come in handy for years to come should we ever need to remember our promises to each other and how we felt.

Reb6studios is synonymous to quality. They aren't just capturing the day, they are capturing the magic of love on their film. This is simply priceless. I know that our children and the future generations of our family will be able to revere this for a long time coming. Words cannot express our gratitude to Sigmund and Mariane. Don't hesitate or consider it, just hire them! No regrets!