How to Look Relaxed and Happy on your Wedding Film

How to Look Relaxed and Happy on Your Wedding Film

It’s a common question we get asked: how do the bride and groom ensure they look relaxed on their wedding film? If this has crossed your mind, then we can help! Follow these simple tips to ensure your wedding video is all you hoped for.

Our number one tip

We want you to act naturally. We’re creating your wedding film, so it’s important that it features the real you! If your videography package includes shooting bridal preparation, this will give you a more relaxed setting to adjust to the videographer’s presence. If you are very uncomfortable in front of cameras generally, having an engagement shoot is a great way to gain some confidence before your special day.

How to look relaxed and happy

You’re going to be happy – it’s your wedding day after all! But it’s still easy to be caught out by occasionally looking tired or overwhelmed. Here are our top tips to look relaxed and happy with on-point body language and facial expressions. Don’t worry; we keep it simple!

Body language

· Stand up straight. Good posture is flattering on everyone.

· Keep your head held high. You’ll look confident and like you really want to be there.

· Keep your body language calm. Fiddling with your hair or dress will come off as a case of nerves.

· Laugh a lot. Show your personality and really celebrate. If you celebrate by dancing, then, by all means, dance your heart out!

Facial expressions

· If you feel yourself squinting or tensing your face muscles, take a deep breath, relaxing and opening your face.

· You’ll want to smile a lot, but if you wear a huge grin the entire time, your face is bound to hurt! Don’t forget you can smile with your eyes as well. This is particularly trendy in photography and videography today!

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Other helpful tips

· Make sure you get enough sleep leading up to your big day, to help you feel relaxed.

· A wedding gown that you feel comfortable in will allow you to move about freely and look very much at ease.

· Avoid shimmering or glittering makeup elements. These can sometimes look like your skin has a sheen of sweat, which does not help to achieve a composed look.

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How to interact with the videographer

It’s important to keep a balance with how much attention you pay to the camera. Ideally, you shouldn’t be preoccupied with it. Don’t look FOR the camera and don’t look AT the camera. It is the videographer’s job to find you with the camera. However, it’s important not to turn your back to the camera. You should always be facing in its general direction or giving the camera your profile.

How to showcase your love

There’s something so simple you can do to bring your love to life on your wedding film. When saying your vows, hold hands and look right into each other’s eyes. It will be so powerful and romantic, that when you watch your film, it will take you right back to that incredible moment.

One last thing

We want you to know that you are beautiful. Own it, and it will shine through in your gorgeous wedding film, preserving the happiness of your special day, forever.

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