Immaculate Heart of Mary and Discovery Bay Country Club Weddings

Vanessa and Bryan Wedding Trailer

I'm so excited to share this wedding trailer with you for a couple of reasons. First, there were elements of a wedding that are not really typical here in states. For example the receiving lines and balloons after the ceremony in Immaculate Heart of Mary. Second, the bride's walking down the aisle was so heartfelt, emotional, and epic (how many times do I have to use this word? geez)! and last, the groom's unexpected reaction during Vanessa's walk. These we're even enough to tell you a story of what Vanessa and Bryan is all about. I'm glad they considered us as their wedding videographer knowing that they are Filipinos, I knew that they had a long list of the best wedding videographers with them. As usual, a common name would pop out of the conversation : a very popular name actually- Jason Magbanua. My inspiration, one of the best in the world. So, I would just always respond and say : "there can only be one like him and no one ever can be like him." Though, all of his followers, and me included can try but he's always a step ahead of the game. So, I'd rather focus on our team's strength : which is team work. This is something that not a lot of wedding videographers focus on because they occasionally hire different shooters every wedding. Guess what, if the team doesn't have a gameplan, don't know each and other's strengths and weaknesses, wedding films can fail. Thankfully we are the same constant shooters all the time. We practice together, we discuss our mistakes each and after every wedding and see where we can improve on. We did just that on Vanessa and Bryan's wedding at the discovery bay. Again, in the spirit of teamwork, awesome wedding films will not be possible  without the help of our fellow vendors as well. Thanks to the following :

Event Planner: Jenelle Tissot
Photographer: Ricky Cabalza
Entertainment: DJ Thomas
Floral Design: Paula's Family Florist
Catering: Discovery Bay Country Club

We normally would put out a teaser once in a while just to tease for what's next to come in their mailboxes. Enjoy!