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Why Should You Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

When planning a wedding, a professional photographer is often high on the list of must-have vendors. But couples can be a little more hesitant to hire a professional wedding videographer. In fact, couples often consider having a friend or family member video their wedding simply because they happen to own a video camera.

But, is this wise? If you’re currently planning your wedding, we have one favor to ask as you read this: think to the future and ask yourself what would be the perfect way to be able to relive the cherished moments of your wedding? Keep this in mind as we share some deep insight into the world of wedding videography and look at the important reasons why you should hire a professional wedding videographer!

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

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1. Commitment

Hiring a professional wedding videographer means you enter into a contract. This contract gives you peace of mind that no matter what comes up, the wedding videographer service provider is obligated to fulfill their professional duties to you by:

  • Arriving on time
  • Being completely ‘in the zone’ the entire time of your wedding
  • Always showing up and in the event of illness, they will have an alternate videographer on standby to step into their shoes
  • Quality of the final wedding video

The quality of your finished video is of utmost importance to preserving your day in the most special light. A professional videographer will use the latest high definition equipment to capture beautiful quality imagery.

It may be a surprise to you to learn that capturing sound well can often be the more technical aspect of videography. A professional videographer will have top-notch audio equipment placed at several vantage points to ensure they clearly capture key moments like the reading of vows, toasts and the music to your first dance.

Editing takes incredible skill, and this is what turns the raw footage of your wedding into a 3-5 minute highlight or 10-30 minute feature edit. Today’s wedding videographers create a much more cinematic experience than the documentary-style wedding video you may have seen before. They tell a story, building tension and emotion as the film progresses. Your professional wedding videographer will also create transitions in your wedding film that are smooth and natural.

2. Professionalism

A professional wedding videographer has a superior approach to your wedding. They will:

  • Carry back up equipment so that flat batteries and failed memory cards don’t affect you for one second
  • Be ready at all times throughout your event
  • Be unobtrusive, but in rare moments won’t be afraid to provide direction to ensure they have the footage they need for a beautiful film

3. Capturing the Moments Beautifully

Your videographer will capture the essence of the day so you can remember it forever. This is in the details like your guests laughing and then crying at your father’s toast, or how your partner reacts when he first sees you in your stunning gown.

There will even be moments during your special day that you miss yourself. As you gaze into your partner’s eyes while saying your vows, you probably won’t see your mother’s emotional expression. You also won’t get to see your bridesmaids walking down the aisle, but with a wedding film, you will be able to see everything special about the day and relive it whenever you like. And the best part? You can show it to anyone who wasn’t able to attend, or your future children and grandchildren. You will put so much time and effort into planning the day that symbolizes your love, and you will enjoy it so much it will flash by in a beautiful heartbeat. We can preserve your day for eternity, and that is why hiring a professional wedding videographer is just so important.

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