financial advice for your wedding

Financial Advice for your Dream Wedding

Your wedding day is likely the ultimate life celebration and it can get expensive if you’re not mindful of your spending. If you’re like many of us, you picture a perfect wedding day right down to every detail - and why shouldn’t you? It is your big day after all.

We look at wedding tips to help you have a memorable day without breaking the bank.

Stay within your budget

There are many, many luxuries out there to chose from when planning a wedding. From the dress, transport, flowers, jewelry, hair and makeup, the options are endless. Creating a realistic budget and sticking to it will help you to stay within your means. Don’t be tempted to go over budget and remind yourself that whilst it may be one of the most important days of your life, getting married is about the marriage and not the one day.

Picking the date

You can help reduce costs by choosing to get married at a less popular time of year. For example, Summer weddings tend to cost more and Winter weddings can be cheaper. Discuss with your partner the importance (if any) of the right time for your big day.

Choosing a weekday instead of a weekend will also save you big bucks and these days, many people do this.

The venue

The venue will be the most costly part of your day as you’ll need to pay for all your guests.

A big wedding held in a church, followed by a flash reception could set you back financially but if you’re less traditional opt for a beautiful garden and a relaxed dinner. The simpler you keep it, the less it’s going to cost you.


Typically, people will get a limo or other fancy cars to transport the bridal party. This can make you feel fancy on the day and will look great in the photos but hiring cars can be expensive. If you know someone who owns a nice car, you could ask them to use it and even give them a small fee.


You want your wedding video to be creative and interesting so this is one expense you shouldn’t skimp out on. There are countless companies who do wedding videos and photos but do some research to ensure you’re getting the highest quality.

A reputable videographer will be able to go through exactly what you want and show some examples of their work. It’s better to pay that extra bit and have a wedding video that will still look great, years from now and let you relive your big day, over and over.

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Flowers and decorations

Go for simple decorations or craft them yourself if you can. Having a large number of flowers can add up, so keep it simple and elegant by having a small bouquet on each table and extra flowers to decorate. Instead of ordering from a florist, getting your arrangements from the flower markets can also be cheaper.

Saving for your financial future

It’s important to remember that your wedding is about the rest of your life and not just your wedding. Avoid going over-the-top with the choices you make for the day by opting for a simple -but elegant- style.

Nobody wants to enter married life trying to catch up on bills from their wedding day. Be sure to shop around and compare prices so that you are getting the most for your money.

Whether you want a big lavish wedding or something more intimate and cost-friendly, there are ways to keep to your budget. Ultimately, your day should be about your commitment to your best friend, celebrating with those who are near and dear to you. Don’t forget to enjoy your big day.