Deep + Sonya | Proposal

It is the first time for us to witness and capture a proposal! It really feels different, like the one you feel when you hear Mariah Carey sings "Emotions" ! Chills!

Deep put a lot into the planning leading to this proposal. He contacted coordinators, a photographer, and then us as their videographers. The gameplan was for him to bring Sonya to the Yerba Buena Gardens  in San Francisco, then pop the question. It sounds easy but there were actually challenges in keeping everything from Sonya a secret. One of the first challenge for our team was to get him mic'd up on time without Sonya knowing. Fortunately, we were able to slip in the hidden lav mic under Deep's shirt. The second challenge was that in Yerba Buena, you are not allowed to have tripod or monopod setups in the park. So everything was handheld, and it fits to the film since we really wanted to make it look like we are just observers and the only time that Sonya will find out that we were Deep's videographers was after she said yes! Luckily it worked out!!!

The only good thing that we were so happy about was that she said yes!

So here is our first time to take a try at a proposal video, which a lot of people have the great success of making it viral. We hope this one make the cut! haha. Actually we are already glad with this being a huge hit to Deep and Sonya's family and friends.

So here is how we tell their proposal video, REB6 style!

Congrats to Sonya and Deep!