Daria and Sean

Daria and Sean Wedding Feature Film

We will never forget how Daria booked us for her wedding. She submitted an inquiry, we responded right away, then she told us, "We would like to move forward with the wedding highlights package for 08-25-12." Ok that was quick! thanks to our review section, availability, and faq our clients can make a decision as fast as ever before based on this.

Fast forward to their wedding, we thought Daria looked like Kirsten Dunst, in which from the toasts her sister also mentioned! Daria looked more stunning than Kirsten Dunst when she wore her gown. Her shoes (girls check it out!)...bracelet....whenever we see such details put into her day, best we can do was to show off our creative shots with it.

Side story on the elevator gown shot at the Embassy Suites, Walnut Creek. Sigmund actually got one person upset waiting at the elevator that day because he had to make sure the shot was perfect, ie. multiple takes. That meant holding one of the three elevators. Ok, so Sigmund thought it was ok, but the problem was that the other two elevators were out of service! Sigmund quickly apologized to the guests and apology was accepted.

One of the best moments was Sean and Daria's personal vows. We couldn't explain how emotional it was until you actually see it live. Our background music on this wedding film was just an icing on the cake, it was both their vows that brought life to their wedding film. We were so lucky and honored to be able to tell their story through our lenses.

Update: Daria and Sean emailed and sent us a review! Yay! and they said...
**the email : 12/27/2012

Thank you sooo much!!! We are both sitting on the couch in tears 🙂 you really made our holiday and totally outdid yourself. Now please go take some time off and happy new year! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

*the review: 12/28/2012

WOW!!!! We spent months looking for the perfect videographer and after countless reviews and research I knew I wanted REB6. I spent hours going through their videos, crying at almost each one I saw. The way they incorporate both dialogue and emotions into music is unlike anything I have ever seen and I am so thankful to have found them, Sigmund and his team truly love what they do and it's reflected in their work! You guys rock!!!!

Thank you so much Daria and Sean! what more can we say! thanks for being so nice to us during the day!
Photography: Margo Photography

Advisory: We are almost fully booked for 2013 and will taking 4 more cool REB6couples who love our story telling style of wedding cinematography!


ELAINE - FEBRUARY 1, 2013 - 5:10 PM
Oh really nice! I love the brother’s comments about how he knew she had found the one! Beautiful!