Cinematic Video Production | UCSF Alumni Weekend

We created this cinematic video production highlights for UCSF Alumni weekend a couple of months ago and we were happy and of course our clients were happy with the results! Aside from company training videos we produced in the past, we also film corporate events like the UCSF Alumni Weekend. We've met a couple of Nobel Laureate! Love our job!!!


Project Name:
UCSF Alumini Weekend

Project Objectives:
-produce a cinematic video production video of UCSF alumni Weekend
-professional video lighting and sound

Project Approach:
Our video production company was recently commissioned to film UCSF's alumni weekend. Our goal was to be able to show alumni the activities from breakfast luncheon, Q and A sessions, and paper presentations.

After a couple of hours of discussion with our coordinator, we finally came up with a list of video and audio gears we needed to bring to the event. We created a list of important parts of the day and came up with a shot list of what we needed to capture.

Day Of Production
The day of shooting went smoothly. We immediately setup our cameras on the pre determined spots specially for the Q and session video. We brought the dji ronin m to add a bit more of dynamic shots for the cinematic video production piece we will then create.

Post Production
Our video production company can handle multiple post production projects. Luckily, we didn't have projects lined up in post, so we were able to edit the highlights earlier than the contracted delivery target.

Final Product
The final piece was delivered in a digital format, youtube and vimeo ready. UCSF Alumni plans to use their alumni weekend highlights video for their website.

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