Ilea and Jordan Wedding Highlights

Casa Real Wedding | Ilea and Jordan to the pandemic and lack of events the past year, we will be blogging some of the best wedding films we shot. This one in particular is the wedding of Ilea and Jordan at Casa Real.  Here are some things we know about Ilea and Jordan...

Ilea's friend happened to be Jordan's roommate in college. They met by chance, saw each other on campus, and made us reasons to meet more often.

A shared sense of humor and a mutual love of being homebodies.

Almost 5 years.

We look forward to getting some rest, continuing to learn more about each other, and never planning a party this big again.

Wedding Coordinator: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery
Wedding Venue: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery
Photography: Eichar Photography
DJ/Music: DJ Jeremy Production

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Wow wow wow, thank you so much for this beautiful highlight video! We have been watching it all day and have already shared it with our loved ones. We are so grateful to you both for capturing our wedding day so perfectly.