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Ben and Jason at the Terra Gallery

The vows taken on the wedding ceremony are the most memorable. These vows bind two souls together in front of near and dear ones. And of course, you need a team of reliable videography services for weddings to capture your special moments.

This time, we have got the chance to film same sex wedding ceremony at Terra Gallery.

Our Experience of Filming the Same Sex Wedding at the Terra Gallery

We tried our very best to put the wedding vows in this cinematic film together for Ben and Jason. Although this wasn't our first of the many same sex wedding ceremonies that we covered, there were a lot of things that stood out to us and made us think that this was one of the best same sex wedding video we have ever made. We'll at least, that was how we thought when we finished this film.

This cinematic wedding film would be an automatic REB6studios classic. Watch it below.

Early in the morning, we were greeted by Ben and Jason. They welcomed us like they knew us all along. We found out that Ben and Jason were family oriented couple. Their families were there for wedding preparation at the St Regis hotel in San Francisco. There were so many moments during the preparation of this same sex wedding that we were able to document.

Like for example when they were putting on their jackets, Ben and Jason were just staring at each other and all of a sudden, both of them just lost it. It set the tone of the day, and we knew right on that we had to use this to set the tone of the wedding film. Ben also teared up when his father hugged Jason's mother. Just a few of the many.

One of the Best Wedding Vows We Have Seen in a While

They exchanged wedding vows at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco and it was one of the best wedding vows we've witnessed in a while. Ben and Jason delivered it so well and so sincerely, straight from the heart. There were moments in this same sex wedding where you'll see that a couple from their guest list really tearing up, bawling.

As mentioned, Ben and Jason were both family oriented, and the best parts of the reception at the Terra Gallery was during the dance with their parents. It was great seeing both parents celebrating as one. Ben and Jason were great party hosts as we found out. This same sex wedding ceremony had a bay area photo booth and and slow motion booth that really entertained everyone the rest of the night.

We would like to thank the amazing vendors that made this cinematic wedding film possible.

Wedding Coordinator: Jen Pao
Wedding Venue: Terra Gallery & Event Venue
Photography: Michelle Warren Photography
DJ/Music: DJ Jeremy Productions

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