REVIEWS – 2014

Mariko + Ryu

thank you Sigmund! Best Birthday gift ever!

Rachal + Ghazi – 5/25/2014

Hi Sigmund,Thank you for waiting. We have downloaded them all successfully!Thanks again for your hard work.Best,Rachal

Jillian + Karl – 11/1/2014

Karl and I have been together 6 years today and we’re so happy that REB6studios was able to capture the happiest day of our lives!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a beautiful and amazing wedding video that we watch over and over again.


While looking around for a wedding videographer, I remember feeling like many studios’ videos were simply a compilation of wedding events to set to somewhat predictable background music, and they seemed lackluster. When I came across REB6studios, I was instantly drawn to their work. The videos were engaging, thoughtfully and artfully put together, and seemed to really capture the couples’ personalities. After doing a little bit of research and feeling like no other company could really compare to the work we had seen from Sigmund and his team, we decided to book them for our wedding, and it was one of the best decisions we made!

Leading put to the big day, we received regular emails from the studio checking in and asking for details about the wedding. I was struck by how organized all of the correspondence was, and felt like we were in good hands. On the day of the wedding, Sigmund and his team were professional, warm, and incredibly easy to work with. Having never worked with a videographer before, I was a little worried about always feeling self-conscious that someone was filming me, but most of the time I forgot they were there. They blended in seamlessly and coordinated very well with our photographer, even though the two had never worked together before.

After months of anxious anticipation, my hubby and I just recently received our wedding video, and we could not have been more thrilled! Sigmund and his team really captured as a couple, and helped us to relieve all the fun and love of our wedding day. We have watched it several times since receiving it, and each time are struck by how much we love the video. If you are looking for a wedding videographer, look no further – you will not be

SUSAN + ALEX – 7/12/14

I hope this review can offer my opinion on 1) why hiring a videographer is a good idea and 2) why hiring Reb6 is a great idea.

1) On hiring a videographer:
My wedding is now over. While pictures speak a thousand words, videos tell a beautiful story. I want to have vivid memories of my own wedding that does not fade into the future. A wedding video will allow me to relive my wedding vicariously for comfort, for memories, for show and tell, or just because. I want to be able to hear my own vows, see our dances, feel the guests’ excitement, experience all the special moments all over again. A video will give me memories that will last a lifetime. This is why we hired a videographer.

2) On hiring Reb6:
We do not just want a videographer to shoot a video. We want a videographer who is reliable enough to understand our needs, resourceful enough to capture all the important moments, and talented enough to make those moments shine. Reb6 is the perfect team for that. They were responsive throughout the wedding planning process and I have full confidence that our needs became their needs. They had multiple staff help on the day of the wedding to ensure that all angles of the wedding were captured. They were so detail-oriented that I didn’t have a single worry that any event would be left uncaptured or poorly captured. Finally, Reb6 fits my style. Their sample videos demonstrate impeccable taste: beautiful choreography, fine story lines, nuanced highlights, and seamless music choice.

Thanks, Reb6, for being the perfect videographer for us! We look forward to seeing the video!

Your clients, fans, and friends~
Susan & Alex

AMANDA + ALAN – 11/8/2014

Reb6studios really took care of our wedding. My wife was super happy which makes me happy. Sig was VERY attentive when it came to taking on our special requests. Long story short, I think that Sig has a gift to really put together a fantastic video layout. I would surely use him again for my next wedding =P

PS, He also has a slow-motion booth available. My guests were so amped up being that it was their first time experiencing such a thing. Made the wedding environment that much more fun! Also, if you have the funds, ask him about the drone option. If he has it available you’ll be able to record the entire landscape of your wedding venue. Very cool option!

NICOLE + GERMOND – 7/11/2014

OMG!!! Where do I start. Sigmund, his wife and crew were A-mazing!! They were our videographers for our wedding back in July 2014. Communication from the day we booked them was great! They would always get back to you on emails promptly. And being from New York, I loved that promptness lol. They are so thorough making sure they video special parts of the day you want. The day of the wedding they arrived on time, and from what I remember they actually arrived early by like a half hour or so which totally put my mind at ease being a bride on that day with so many other stresses. Sigmund is so sweet and so caring. We watched our video last night and it brought me right back to that day. We laughed, we cried, WE LOVED IT!! They’re work is impeccable. Watching our feature film was like watching a movie. That’s primarily why we booked them, b/c of their style of cinematography. If you want an amazing video and people around you with amazing caring personalities on your uber special day, you’ll choose Reb6Studios!! I would use them again in a heartbeat!

BARBARA & MITCH – 10/4/2014

Omg you guys…it’s amazing. I don’t even know where to begin!!! I want to have another wedding so I can hire you guys again. 🙂 The way you put our story together, and how much thought and detail you put into each and every shot, we are so lucky to have had you guys as our wedding videographers. We knew you guys were great…but DANG!!! Your work on our video just goes to show how much you put in to each and every client’s big day, and how much you understand and take into consideration what each couple is about. Our whole video is so us, and more importantly, the influence of my mom on my wedding day couldn’t have been portrayed more elegantly. I’m truly touched by how you guys incorporated her into our big day, no matter if she wasn’t physically there. You’ve never even met her, but you knew all of the right things to include that paid such a great tribute to her, and how much she was on all of our minds that day, and forever. Words can never express how much that means to us, and me especially.

Thank you so much for the incredible work, and just for being you!!! You all were SO much fun to be around (on-off-on-off), while keeping everything super professional, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more than that. It’s no wonder you guys are so popular year after year! SALAMAT!!!! <3

JENNY + PHONG – 12/31/2014

Unlike most brides, videography was actually more important to me than flowers and I’m glad my then-fiance agreed as we started to narrow down our vendors. After meeting with various videographers and watching a handful of wedding films, Sigmund and the Reb6 team (including his lovely wife) were a no-brainer for us. In our eyes, their cinematography is the creme de la creme and style is akin to the infamous, Jason Magbanua. (I believe he has worked with Jason as well!) From the first moment we met Sigmund, he was professional and courteous. We can tell that he has TONS of experience under his belt, which is what we needed for our upcoming big fat Vietnamese/Cambodian wedding that was in SF, with over 300 rowdy guests and held on New Years Eve! With the chaos that was bound to ensue, we wanted a videographer that could capture those intimate moments during an extremely chaotic and busy day. After watching several of his films and crying over a stranger’s love story (like, “Sandra+Brendan”–LOVE!), I knew that was it. When Sigmund and his team arrived they were already on it. I remember being a little frazzled at times and Sigmund would remind me not to worry — which is what I needed to hear! The team’s nurturing and calming demeanor helps ease your nerves if you aren’t use to being in front of a camera and having attention focused on you for an entire day. I often forgot that the camera was rolling even though Reb6 was with us all the way to our countdown/sparkler send-off. They were speedy, non-intrusive and yet everywhere at the same time. We’re really excited to see what they unfold. We haven’t received our film yet but we are confident that it’ll be everything we hope for and more. Some folks have commented that 6-8 months is a long time to wait for a video but I’m sure they’ll understand once it’s ready and why I keep saying, you just can’t rush art people!

JENNIFER + DEREK – 10/12/2014

Looking for the most professional, talented, hard-working, and attentive film and production team to film your wedding or corporate event? The search ends with Reb7 Media! They recently filmed my wedding at The Grand Del Mar in San Diego (California’s first triple Five-Star resort from Forbes, and recently named #1 Luxury Hotel in the US by Trip Advisor) and we had a great experience. My husband and I both love film and when it came to deciding this vendor, we were very particular and had high expectations for the process and final product. I watched hundreds of wedding films from filmmakers all across the country, and knew that I was looking for something a little “more” than what I saw. When I saw Reb 7 Media’s films, I knew they were talented and unique! First, they have the technical chops, watch any of their films in random order and there is a consistency with the style. Their films have good story flow, editing, and solid audio. Something about watching their films just really touched me. Another big plus is they are good listeners and really make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. After some emails and a phone call with Sigmund to chat about my wedding and ideas, I knew I found my team!

Although they were traveling internationally to work on other films during the month before my wedding, these guys were always professional and responded quickly to my emails. Working with Sigmund, Mariane, and CJ was a great experience because they are really nice, easy-going folks who know how to work quickly to set up the best shots and still lead the film-making process. Although they had never been to my venue before, I was very impressed that they took the time to research it and really look for all of the best places to shoot. When the wedding day arrived, Sigmund and his team arrived early and ready to go, completely decked out with the top cameras, glider, and highly anticipated drone for aerial shots. They are perfectionists and worked very hard to cover the wedding, and you can tell they love what they do and really give their best.

Ultimately, I think what sets them apart from other videographers is this passion for creating a good film and doing everything to make their clients happy. They work very hard and the finished product speaks for itself. Thank you Reb 7 Media for capturing our special day!

AMY + WILLIAM – 6/21/2014

Every detail of our wedding day was important to us, so finding the right vendors was essential. From the start, I knew I wanted a videographer to capture all the special moments. The wedding day itself really does fly by but with the videos, now we can relive the best day of our lives over and and over again.

I was obsessed with wedding videos long before I was even engaged. I stumbled across Reb6studios randomly and boy, am I glad I did! I loved every one of their videos and so it was a no brainer that I would choose them (without having met them because their work speaks volumes) to capture our big day.

Sigmund and his team were always responsive throughout the whole process. They were warm, courteous and professional when we finally met them on the big day! Now fast forward to today. We received our videos yesterday and have already watched it countless times! It’s so beautiful and brings back all the wonderful memories of our wedding day.

Recently, I attended one of my friend’s wedding and witnessed first hand the hard work that Sigmund and his team puts into each wedding to ensure that every detail, big or small, is captured. Thank you again Reb6studios! You guys rock!

VERONICA + CHRIS – 6/14/2014

We just received our feature film and absolutely LOVED it! My husband and I both cried reliving our wedding day. Sigmund and Marianne are true artists and did a phenomenal job. Thank you!

ANNIE + BEN – 6/8/2014

Hi Sigmond,Just want to let you know we have received the feature film and documentary DVD in the mail.We love the feature film so much and watched it over and over again!Thank you so much for your hard work. It’s totally worth every penny!Annie and Benjamin

REBECCA + MICHAEL – 7/5/2014

WOW. We found Sigmund through a wedding blog that we follow. Both my Husband and I are in the entertainment business, so we knew that our cinematography was very important to us. We thought Reb6’s films were unlike any other wedding videos out there. Not only are they cinematic, but the audio on their example films was excellent, the editing unique, and the colors vibrant. We skyped with Sigmund and felt his company was a perfect fit for us. The day of our wedding, he pulled out all the stops. He even had an extra person there and a helicopter drone! We can’t wait to see his finished product.

LISA & JUN – 5/5/2014

Hi Sigmund,These are so great, thank you so much for being a part of our day.Thanks,Lisa

TRISHA & BEN – 5/3/2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! We received our wedding DVD in the mail a few days ago and been busy watching and replaying it. We LOVE it!! Thank you so much! When we were searching for a videographer for our wedding, we were looking for someone who can help us not only capturing the special moments but also be able to bring back the feelings and emotions of the event. And you guys not only did that but beyond. Especially the feature film, it turned out better than what we imagined. We will always be grateful to you guys for giving us back the memory of our wedding day!! Thank you once again!!

Ben’s comment

We can’t stop watching the video. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much!! You guys are so talented!!!

THY & TAN- 1/25/2014

-That was a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing

-Such a lovely video! I made an appearance for a good couple of seconds too yay!

-That was beautiful! Made me tear up !

-Wow great video and beautiful day!!

-Such a great video montage! Legit! Congrats again to you two. It feels great.

-that was beautiful.

– I almost cried watching this, so beautiful!