Ray Roman Workshop

DSLR cameras are gaining in popularity nowadays to the point where they’re almost main stream here in the Bay Area. Sure, anyone can claim to be a wedding videographer.  In order to stand out from the rest, we have to continue to find ways on how we can improve our skills and creativity. The most effective way is by attending a workshop.

As a Bay Area wedding videographer/cinematographer, I knew that I would miss a lot if I didn’t go to Ray Roman’s Workshop. So, I did.

Last Month, I had the pleasure to meet one of the best wedding filmmakers in the planet, Ray Roman of  Ray Roman Films for a one-day workshop .

I am glad that I attended Ray Roman’s workshop. It opened a lot of doors for me. I learned things that I would never have learned by myself. My questions, from technical skills to business and everything in between (Yes, I was like the excited geeky student, prepared with my question-filled notepad), were all answered by Ray. No question was left unanswered.  He was really humble and was open to share his knowledge and experiences.

At the workshop, Ray went over tons of material. From workflow, to creative shooting techniques, to audio tips, color grading and a lot more!

If you plan on being one of the best in your area (or in the world), I highly recommend taking his workshops.
You can get started here.

Here are some screen grabs from the workshop.

bay area wedding video workshop
I can’t wait to shoot bay area weddings next year! Watch out 2011! A new and improved Reb6studios will be bringing it!


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