Puerto Rico Destination Wedding Videographer | Michelle + Armand Wedding Highlights

Makeup – Leslie Ayala
Reception – Salon Mirador @ La Concha Resort (San Juan, PR)
Cake – Granito de Azucar
Photographer – Chaz Cruz Photography

Our first destination wedding video highlights is finally here! coming from the Bay area, Mariane and I had to fly thousands of miles to get the opportunity to be the wedding videographer of Michelle and Armand’s destination wedding in San Juan Puerto Rico. The 12hrs of travel was definitely worth it. the place is just wonderful I had to spare 4 hours just to shoot timelapses of almost… 360 degrees view of the whole La Concha Resort. The weather was also perfect. It reminded me of the Philippines. Awww.

I thought of travelling light, but the very first thing that came to my mind was: would my work be compromised because I didn’t have the setup I’m used to using? For me Yes! I didn’t want that to happen, I actually wanted to bring more. Except for the crane, which is unusual shape and heavy(airport security would give us a hardtime anyway), I brought all of our equipments! Actually, I was more eager to shoot because the place was just stunning. There were no bad location for a shoot. I can walk around for one day just around the resort and I would have shot almost everything. Win win! Michelle and Armand and family would probably remember everything specially the details and landscapes I shot. I actually have to go to old San Juan the next day because Armand’s parents suggested that it was a very nice place, which it was.

The couple expects nothing but the very best from us or else, it wouldn’t make sense to fly us there. And so , just like what we always do, we shoot like there is no tomorrow, go out there and have fun and prove that their investment with us is worth it.

Update: Michelle liked it! Her facebook wall is flooded with some warm and awesome comments!

Without further ado, here is Michelle and Armand’s wedding highlights

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