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We are innovative storytellers on a mission to disrupt the conventional video advertising industry!

We invest time in our clients so that we can be familiar with your company. We will look into every aspect, specifying, and establishing a purposeful brand name connection. We provide solutions, technological experience, imaginative vision as well as affordable costs.

Your brand name is your assurance to the customer, and we take that seriously.  We are excited to work with you to not only meet your expectations but to blow you away!


Project for Oncology Education - Interview Panel Video (Feb 2018)

Task at Hand: Film the interview panel Q & A. There are three speakers that will be giving their insights on the recent case studies from a conference.

 We need to create a high quality video and high quality audio to be used for their website. The company reached out to us and was looking for a video production company in San Francisco to provide everything needed such as lighting, high quality sound, lav mics, and a better quality camera. The company also needed to have the videos edited into several parts and need to put the graphics and font titles on the edit.

The following gears and service were provided for this project:

Gears Provided : White Backdrop Setup / Lav Mic / Boom Mic Set up / 3 point lighting setup/ and a Pro Camera Package.
Editing Provided: Professional Color Grading / Modern and Pro Quality Look / Audio Editing and "sweetening", professional title graphics per client specifications

Project for IQMetrix - Conference Video

Task at Hand: Film the conference IQMetrix booth. We need to showcase the booth, the conference, and the activities inside the booth. We also need to feature the kiosks/solutions they offer. There will be no editing on this project, and the files have to be directly submitted to their satellite office for the in house editors. No talking heads interview is requested for this project. 

Their in house editor will create a short highlight and the files have to be submitted the same day thru online dropbox. Bam! Done! We are able to deliver the files on time!

Project for Capital One - Event Highlights

Task at Hand: Film the event and create a short video 2-3 minutes to highlight the event for their social media and marketing campaign. The filming also included talking heads interview to showcase the activities they have during the day such as the pet's coffee, face painting, biometrics, grafitti booth, and raffle prices! This is one of the biggest project we had this month of August 2017!

The approach to editing is to create an upbeat vibe and to showcase how fun it really is to hangout at one of walnut creek's Capital One cafe.​

Project for KYLIE KNUTTI - Brand Film

Task at Hand: Create a realtor profile video (2-3 minutes) to launch Kylie's new Brand. We will also be taking part of her multiple content videos to provide value to anyone who want to buy or sell houses in the town of Sonora.

This is a two day project that involves filming two parts. First part is filming the brolls such as the community in Sonora, Kylies Office, and Interview/Broll shots of the family she just helped moved in 2016. The second part of filming is the Kylie's introduction talking heads and filming shots while Kylie is showing potential buyers a house. We will use a teleprompter for Kylie to read since the script takes about 1-2 minutes. 

What we do is  more than just cinematography. We are cinematographers who truly understand how these videos will be used and how to edit them in a way that will get more engagements from the viewers. Video marketing is our specialty.

Real Estate | Aerial Videography

Realty listings with video clip obtain 403% even more inquiries than those which do not consist of video clip.​ Do we need to put more text here?

Real Estate | Aerial Videography

Real Estate | Aerial Videography