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Bay Area Slow Motion Booth | Wedding at the Terra Gallery SF

Ben and Jason’s wedding at the Terra Gallery San Francisco was spectacular! Aside from our team providing wedding videography, we also had our bay area slow motion booth and san francisco photobooth team for them. They absolutely knew how to party and they party hard! Although, I can tell you now that the cinematic wedding video is somewhat emotional (coming soon, so please stand by for that!), our slow motion booth was the exact opposite! All the guests had a great time, it was loud, crazy, and just fantastic night overall.

Our bay area slow motion booth service did a fantastic job. I mean, we are not saying this ourselves, this is thru our grooms flooded facebook wall, which we shared also on our facebook page. Please like our page if you have not done so by the way 🙂

Check out this flooded facebook wall !!! (this was after 2 days of posting it. we don’t know how much comments came in after that)

bay area slow motion booth

Ok, now let us show you the final product! Thank You Bay Area slow motion booth team for rocking the party of Ben and Jason’s wedding at the terra gallery!!!

Do you want something like this on your wedding? You can either contact reb6studios here to add this to your wedding package 

or head straight to our slow motion booth site

San Jose Wedding Videographer | Why Choose Us? Reviews from Recent Clients

So, why choose us? Ok, first and foremost… Ok wait a minute, why do we need to tell you we’re worth your investment where we have our previous clients who hired san jose wedding videographer REB6STUDIOS can tell you why? Ok, so here is why – according to our clients!

The first one is from our Bride – Sandra, who got married at the Ranch Golf Club in San Jose

san jose wedding videographer

The second good testimonial is from Linda and Michael, who tied the know the Wedgewood Banquet Center

wedgewood banquet wedding - Linda + Michael

Last but not the least, a great review from Emory and Justin!

san jose wedding videographer

We are going to post more of these reviews in the coming weeks because we think that this is important for you in making a decision to hire a wedding videographer.

In text:


There are so many great reviews and so I hope I’m able to add something different and useful:

Looking back, I can’t recall how we found Reb6, but they certainly left an impression on us as we were searching for videographers for our wedding.  They were one of the first vendors we contacted but we wanted to do our due diligence in finding a videographer.  From the videographers we looked at, their price range fell in the middle high range of our budget.  In the end, we kept comparing all the other videographers to them and decided that our decision had always been made.  

From the moment of 1st contact, Sigmund was extremely responsive with email.  Their responsiveness stood out numerous times, particularly during planning and upon receiving our dvds, despite my own shortcomings in checking & responding to emails/mail.  

Come wedding day, they arrived during our morning preparations and were non-intrusive and pleasant to have around–yet unnoticeable at the same time.  They communicated and worked extremely well with our photographer.  At our venue, they were set up and ready to go. They coordinated well with other vendors and had their end organized and flawless.  Our videographer was an aspect of our wedding we did not have to worry or even think about.  

Upon receiving our DVDs, we noticed the music from the ceremony was a bit muffled.  We emailed them about our concern, and they promptly responded.  We were able to send them the original mp3s and they inserted them and sent us the new version.  I thought it would take weeks and forgot about it.  I checked my email a few weeks later and realized that they had done it within days of our email exchange!  

With our short film, they ask if there is a preference to choose the music used or to leave it to them.  Considering that everything else had been so great, we left it to them, though the unknown is always a bit worrisome.  They delivered.  One of our speakers during our ceremony quoted lyrics from Proclaimers/I’m Gonna Be.  In our film, they used an amazing rendition of the song I had never heard before.  It was perfect!  In fact, all the music they chose for our short film and documentary footage were fantastic.

Our video captured the day wonderfully and we have gotten nothing but rave reviews on our video from friends, family and strangers.  It was very professional and a lot of care and thought was put into it.  Thanks for making us look good!  =)

If you’re looking to have a short turnaround for your product, I will advise that they may not be your fit.  We were in no rush.  Our DVD came roughly 8.5 months after our wedding.  However, the product reflects the time.  

This is advice for wedding planning when having any videographer:  One regret we have is that we didn’t invest in lighting for our dance floor.  Dancing was a bulk of our reception and we didn’t have very good dance footage after the lights went out.


AMAZING! My  husband and I were engaged for over 2 years, so we had plenty of time to plan our wedding. At first we were hesitant to hire a videographer because we just weren’t sure if it was really necessary. However, after just 1 day of poking around to look at wedding videos online for fun, i came across Reb6studios. We watched their videos on their blog, and were completely speechless. Not only did their video changed our minds about having a videographer for the wedding, but their beautiful work confirmed that they were indeed the one. Not only are they responsive, but are some of the nicest people ever! You can’t go wrong with working with one of the best teams around!

We just received our wedding video, and I think we probably watched it 10 times within one evening because it was just THAT good. REB6Studios captured every moment perfectly, and even parts that we didn’t even realized would have been caught on video. Their creativity, and their attention to detail is one of a kind, and we couldn’t imagine anyone else that could have done a better job of capturing our wedding day. We trusted them 100% as soon as we booked them, and they delivered something so beautiful that we are still speechless every time we watch the video.

If you want to work with a wonderful team, and have a fantastic wedding video that will keep people talking for years, this is your team!!


PERFECT. I was looking for a videographer to capture my wedding day and I wanted the BEST of the best. I fell in love with REB6Studios after watching some feature films on their websites. I cried (tears of joy) watching strangers’ wedding videos because I was moved by how beautifully the moments were captured. I booked Reb6Studios the very next week without consulting my then fiance, there are some things I just know I have to act on. Reb6Studios is awesome, they are great to work with and VERY professional. They were perfect – really, I don’t think I have met a more professional and knowledgeable group of videographers anywhere else in all my searches. They made sure that everything I wanted to be captured was in the video. Oh and one more thing, they are really nice =) I just want to give them a BIG hug.

Are you still looking for a san jose wedding videographer to film your wedding? I mean the one who stays true to their word/ work? Let us chat !

WPPI 2015, REB6STUDIOS Wins Silver Award – Wedding Filmmaking Competition Winners

wppi 2015

WPPI 2015, the largest organization in the world just recently held the annual convention and competition Feb 26- March 4, 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada. If you guys are not really familiar what it is, here is an excerpt from their website:

Each year, nearly 13,000 professional and aspiring photographers and filmmakers attend WPPI to learn new techniques from industry leaders, build new relationships to grow their business, experience new products and solutions from major manufacturers to improve their productivity, and enjoy the many attractions in Las Vegas. WPPI is a week-long event combining educational seminars with a major industry trade show and networking events, all designed around learning the latest techniques, building new relationships and growing a business in a friendly, fun environment – all at one time, in one place. (source wppi)

We only had two entries, and two of our entries made it to the top ten of judging and one made it to the final five. After judging, we left with the third highest score. We are proud to announce that REB6STUDIOS took home the 2015 Silver Award Honors of Excellence!

Wppi 2015 Silver Award by REB6STUDIOS

There were lots of negatives and complaints people can think about as to why we didn’t take home the grand prize, but we don’t feed off of the negative vibe. We take it as a challenge to come back next year and aim for the gold. After all, with so many entries from the best of the best wedding videographes in the world, our only 2 entries making it to the top ten, says a lot already. That to me, is already a win no matter what!

Also we were the only Bay Area Wedding Videographer who got to the top five, so I think we represented the Bay pretty well!!!

Win or lose, entering competitions keeps me and my team highly motivated to push our creative boundaries each and every single time we go on an shoot.


Ofcourse, we weren’t just there to compete. We also had the chance to meet with some like minded individuals, attended business and creative classes, and party!!!

wppi 2015wppi 2015


We would like to thank our clients who entrusted us to film their big day. To our family and friends who are always there to support and believe in us, we thank you! We will be back next year!!!

Video Production San Francisco | Ayana Resort – Promotional Film

The REB6STUDIOS video production san francisco team went to Indonesia to shoot a wedding, ended up shooting another corporate film. Remember last time we went to Indonesia to shoot one of our favorite destination weddings ? We’ll the day after that big event, I got a phone call from the resort’s owner. He wanted to meet me for possible discussion on creating a corporate film for the resort. Imagine that! We were just there shooting a wedding and we’re given an ultimate opportunity to make a corporate film for their resort? Just wow! So, I had to go to their villa to meet my new boss, and I was greeted by two nice attendants. (Ok by the time I took this picture, the other one left haha)

 video production san francisco

The meeting was really really short and my boss just kind of gave me an idea of what to do, their goal. While I had so many questions given to them, I was able to get a grasp of what they were looking for. We’ll we closed in the deal, woot woot!!! We’re off to creating some great clips for the resort they can use for their marketing department.

Project Name:
Ayana Resort Promotional Video
reb6studios video production san francisco team : Sigmund, Archie, Mariane

Project Objectives:

-shoot the 5 different wedding locations around Ayana Resort, using aerial videography and stunning cinematography
-create 2 different videos 1. Clients Pre -decision, 2. Clients Post Decision, where they can upgrade their packages.

Project Approach:

So, we were given locations we need to shoot. The main instruction and key thing is the aerial videography / aerial cinematography. My boss wanted to have “stunning shots,” “wow factor” , amazing cinematography of the resort. So we took that idea in mind and implemented them during the day of shoot.
Day Before: So, we initially went ahead and scout the resort the night before to see where we can strategically place our cameras, gears, and cool angles to shoot from. We also asked for each of the wedding locations description so we know what we will be shooting, what are the most important parts of the venue, and why would the potential client will like each one. Well this is what the reb6studios video production san francisco team has to offer 🙂

Day Of Production
The shoot took about the whole day. Yup, from sunrise till we ran out of sun! We took the time to make sure that we get the material/clips we needed for the shoot. We brought in some of our favorite gears with us. First, the main gear of choice here, since you can’t really do justice with how amazing this resort is : our aerial cinematography kit, which comprises of the dji phantom 2 with the 3 axis gimbal, and the go pro.Second our cameras and lenses such as our newly aqcuired Sony A7s and the Mark III paired interchangeably with 70-200L canon, 24-105mm most of the time. We also used stabilizers such as the glidecam hd4000, our 8 ft crane, and our reliable tripods in the mix.

Post Production
The editing is where the magic will happen. We ended up with about 1 hour of clips multiplied with two cameras…you do the math. It was a ton of work in the editing room because we have to segregate all the clips and then cut and color grade. That was the easy part. (actually cutting was easy, color grading this is tough but fun.)
The challenging part is putting them altogether. We’ve mentioned in the past that no matter how good your shots are, if you can’t stitch them all together to something that would make sense, taking into consideration what the goal and objective is, then it would mean nothing. It has to reflect the story and concept agreed upon with the client.
So the concept is “beauty shots” to wow potential clients how amazing the resort is, and if getting married, a variety of wedding venue location they can choose from.

Final Product
There will be two corporate film coming up, this is the first installment. Hope you guys enjoy this!
~thank you from the reb6studios video production san francisco team!!!

Now you know that we’re not only your san francisco wedding videographer,  yes, we also do corporate films as well. So if your company happens to look for creative filmmakers, the reb6studios video production san francisco team is here! So, check out more of our works under our CORPORATE VIDEO page

San Diego Wedding Videographer | Destination Wedding Videographer [Insta Teasers]

San Diego Wedding Videographer | Jennifer and Derek Insta Teasers

Just right after our Bali Indonesia wedding video shoot, San Diego Wedding Videographer , our team, REB6STUDIOS headed straight to San Diego to shoot a very intimate wedding of Jennifer and Derek. Flying to San Diego was such a breeze, there were no hiccups and delays. If our gears could pretty much complain to us, they probably did. They’ve undergone three airport travels in the span of 2 months! Thanks to the pelican cases we brought to lug our gears, it pretty much was built like a tank. Our drone was also in a very good shape since it was also nicely wrapped into the pelican cases we have. Last time, we had to put our quadcopter to a luggage bag thinking that we will be carrying it with us! The plane was full and we had no choice but to check in our drone, eeek! My first time being away from gears in a flight! We usually just have our gears as hand carry because you don’t really know what is going to happen once it gets to the conveyor belts!!!

Ok, back to the wedding! We shot at the beautiful place at Grand delmar in San Diego. I believe Lebron James got married here as well. One of our shooters is a fan of LBJ, like crazy so when I told him we’re shooting a wedding at Granddelmar, he got excited for about a month!!! The venue did not disappoint. The ceremony setup was outstanding! I love the flowers on the aisles by Annette Gomez, and also the Reception dinner was the bomb! It was nicely lit and the flowers and decors really matched the mood of the night! – Ok, too much information. We are saving more of this information actually when we put out the feature film here, so stay tuned for that.

But for now, check out these reb6studios instagram teasers we created for Jennifer!



Venue: Grand Del Mar
San Diego Wedding Videographer : REB6STUDIOS
Floral Design: Flowers Annette Gomez
Gown: Rivini
Sound : Belo Som String
Photographer: This Modern Romance
Officiant: Rev. Huff from Torrey Pines Christian Church

Kind words (one of the many) from Jennifer, the bride
I love your attention to detail, your amazing dedication, the beautiful and wonderful creative thought process, the superb editing and sound recording/editing, the color correcting, the very strong aerials, the nice ceremony shots and how they show the face of the bride and groom and get their reactions as we talk in our vows, and I love how Reb 6 goes above and beyond to create the most beautiful, amazing, touching, meaningful films that we will cherish all of our lives. I am so happy to have Reb 6 work on the film for our wedding day. We are so excited! Thank you again!

Interested in having a wedding film that truly tells the story of your day instead of just a “slideshow” of videos? Find out more about our wedding cinematography pricing, click here.


REB6STUDIOS is a professional San Francisco Wedding videographer, master of story telling as an experienced San Diego Wedding Videographer and Bay Area Wedding Videographer. We have been offering award winning Wedding Videos and Wedding Films since 2009. REB6STUDIOS Films enjoys capturing wedding memories in San Francisco, San Jose, Sonoma, Napa, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA , The Palm Event Center, Casa Real, San Francisco City Hall Wedding other destination weddings. Most of our wedding cinema films focuses on Bay Area and San Francisco Wedding Cinematography. Capturing all style of wedding from modern weddings, epic weddings, vintage weddings to high end weddings with sophisticated wedding details. REB6STUDIOS also offers san francisco video production and is continuing to offer bay area video production for corporate companies, and video production around the world. REB6STUDIOS also offers slow motion booth san francisco and bay area slow motion booth.

San Francisco Video Production

San Francisco Video Production | Project Digital Realty

Project Name:
Digital Realty Executive Roundtable Series

Project Objectives
-cover the two hour event held at San Francisco
-Create a high level brand 2-3 minute highlight video of the rounddtalbe series presentation

In looking for a corporate videographer San Francisco, Digital Realty marketing department contacted us regarding the need of someone to cover the event and create something they can put on their website a marketing material that can summarize what the Digital Realty Executive Roundtable Series without boring the viewers upon watching the highlights.

Our team started coordinating through emails, and phone conversations on what options we can provide within the specific budget. Our client initially wanted a one-camera coverage since this is what you actually see on the internet nowadays, a camera that is set on the middle, or the corner recording. We don’t blame them, for we ourselves are used of seeing the internet saturated with videos that look like it was created in the 90s. As experts and as young individuals, we know that things have changed, companies are evolving and catching up with the latest technology. So, we suggested a two camera setup in order for us to be able to get some B rolls during the presentation so we can use them for the highlights. We incorporated dynamic movements to our shots using state of the art cameras, lenses, sliders and glidecams. We aimed for something new, something fresh turning an hour presentation into an unique San Francisco video production.

We then continued communication after the event, asking for more details in order to have a more meaningful content. We incorporated animated graphics of lower thirds as you see on the corporate video to make it more modern-looking. We made sure that the graphics match the company’s colors as well. We convinced them to use specific soundbytes from the presentations so that the video is not just a montage of boring videos. This way, we are able to add another element , sound. Audience are able to relate and engage longer with video that have sound elements (imagine watching the NBA finals without sound. ) We color graded to make sure that the colors suit the event and at the same time will jive with the music. In terms of music used, we licensed the music from an independent music licensing company.

Final Product


*Hi Sigmund! Just want to let you know that the rest of the marketing team saw your video today and they LOVED it!!! We will be using it for our social media/YouTube soon so I will send you the link.

 Thank you so much again, the video is so AWESOME!

The client walked away happy, and so do we.

Interested in a corporate video in san francisco like this? Please contact us now and let us discuss how we can help you

Corporate Film

We just wanted to let you know that we will be adding some corporate film work on our blog from time to time. We have been doing some corporate work for quite some time now and it is about time to share with you how we’ve been up to.

Recently, we just wrapped up a corporate video interview the actually led us to one of our most valuable clients, Digital Realty. We can’t wait to post more videos since we are commissioned to do a 3-4 corporate video production project for them.

Here are some finished work we’ve got so far:

So, if you or your company is looking a corporate film that stands out, let us chat!


Bay Area Wedding Videographer | Destination Wedding Videographer – Bali Indonesia

Lucky, is the word the we need for this blog post.

We were lucky that Ryu and Mariko chose as lead destination wedding videographer for this amazing wedding that took place at the Ayana Resort and Spa Bali.

Honestly, I don’t even know how we got so lucky to be able to travel thousand miles away from home then be able to do what you love. Our journey to Bali Indonesia was the real definition of epic. We say epic, because guests (including us) were taken care of the Ayana Resort staff during our stay.

From accommodation, the Ayana Staff were very respectful and accommodating. Whenever we need lights, there are staff to help us with is. During our prescout, we have escorts

to locations around the resort to make sure we get our shots we needed.We were invited to a prewedding brief, just right before venue walk through and Im surprised how big the production crew is.

I mean, prewedding briefs don’t normaly happen a lot. It was our first time attending one. What I love about it is that both the photographer and bay area wedding videogapher have been asked of inputs about the logistics of the timeline, locations, and creative inputs.

Wow! So then I wen’t ahead and gave all the inputs I can to make sure we are going to put our couple to the best light and situation possible.

We have crews carrying umbrellas and handing waters just to make sure the wedding party is safe and feeling comfortable during the hot day. This is just to name a few of the perks from being part of this production. So, yeah, everything felt like it was that perfect wedding shoot, perfect weather, perfect wedding clients!

To give a preview of the wedding, Ryu and Mariko had a cocktail party the night before the wedding. It was at the famous Rockbar of Ayana. If you ever look at trip advisor, you probably are familiar of the rockbar. Basically it is a bar situated on the side of the cliff above the beach with the stunning view of the sunset, right in front of you. But of course, these are text descriptions; better just see our stunning aerial shot of it with our latest arsenal – our aerial videography. I mean to tell you exactly, there is no other shot that could tell you how grand this thing is, an aerial video of this is absolutely necessary.

Now let us talk about the other Lucky guy, Ryu. Lucky to marry such an amazing, kindhearted, and gorgeous smart woman like Mariko.  As how he says it, he is really lucky to have every single person at their wedding. Ryu would have thanked everyone during the reception but it would probably take days to mention about close to 450 of them. He even thanked the coordinators, djs, lights, and even the waters. This is what we admire about Ryu, (compared to what he was able to accomplish, graduated in Harvard and then build a growing company of his own) indeed he is a very humble person at heart.

You probably have seen lots of Ayana Resort Wedding Films, but this one is special 🙂

Without further ado, here is Ryu and Mariko’s Wedding Highlights.


Wedding Videographer : REB6STUDIOS –
Wedding Planner: Innaz Communique –
Sound and Lighting : DJ Danny –
Decorator : Floral Lines
Hair and Make Up: Taro-
Photo: Erika Gerdemark
Venue: Ayana Resort and Spa Bali
Cake: Ixora –
Band : Ricky

*Latest update on people commenting on our blog, Facebook, and instagram page

-dude so epic, gave me chills
-The term may have been used before, but epic really is the best way to describe this wedding and how you captured it. Way to go Sigmund!
-Sig… You rock bro.. Masterpiece..
-WOW! Great job kuya and ate Mariane
-I don’t use the word epic a lot, but I will have to agree and say it did look like an epic wedding. Absolutely gorgeous. Good job guys!!!
-wow.. master piece bro. mesmerizing views and the way it was made. gaming!

Interested in having a wedding film that truly tells the story of your day instead of just a “slideshow” of videos? Find out more about our wedding cinematography pricing, click here.


San Francisco Wedding Videographer | Award Winning Films

Ok, so we are supposed to have a long write up about this awesome wedding we shot both at the fairmont san jose (hindu ceremony) and at the nestldown (western ceremony). Since, we have posted this on our FB page before this blog, we got great raves from everyone, REB6 couples, potential REB6couples, our FB followers, silent blog and vimeo stalkers and ultimately from the bride herself – Vani. Rather than trying to explain and impress you through our words why REB6studios is worth booking as your san francisco wedding videographer we might as well let our bride Vani tell you how she felt upon watching her wedding highlights. After all, it is not about us, it is always about our bride and her very special day.

Vani and Shane – we are thankful that you have chosen us to film your wedding. It has been a great pleasure and we will never forget the laughters and tears we saw thru our lenses that day — REB6studios Team!

Here is Vani’s Lovely Note followed by their wedding highlights film

When we were first looking for san francisco wedding videographer, some people told us that the video wasn’t important – that we would never watch our wedding video again. I didn’t think that would be true because I know there are certain emotions you can only capture on tape and that there would be things we wouldn’t get to see or appreciate from our wedding day unless we captured it on video.


I started off by looking at some of the “tried and true” Bay Area wedding cinematographers that had been around for a long time. They had some good work out there but somehow it didn’t feel fresh or genuine. When we stumbled across REB6Studios through an award they had won in their first year, I knew from the first wedding video I saw on their website that they had something incredibly special going on. REB6Studios has only been around for a couple of years but they knew how to put together a STORY. From the editting, to the soundtracks, to the shots – they just got it all right. They captured the genuine emotions, the best moments of the day and they also had that “je ne sais quoi” – the X factor – that innate quality that you can’t learn, you either have it or you don’t. Sigmund and Marie have it and combined with their passion for what they do results in quality, one in a million type cinematography.

We were blown away by our highlights video – it was almost like being back there on that day, in that moment. It was everything we wanted and much more. Also, our moms both cried watching it for the first time – so I’d said it was a resounding success:D

So, why would you settle for less? If you’re interested in having a killer wedding films like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

REB6STUDIOS is a professional San Francisco Wedding Cinematographer, master of story telling as an experienced San Francisco Wedding Videographer and Bay Area Wedding Videographer. We have been offering award winning Wedding Videos and Wedding Films since 2009. REB6STUDIOS Films enjoys capturing wedding memories in San Francisco, San Jose, Sonoma, Napa, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA , The Palm Event Center, Casa Real, San Francisco City Hall Wedding other destination weddings. Most of our wedding cinema films focuses on Bay Area and San Francisco Wedding Cinematography. Capturing all style of wedding from modern weddings, epic weddings, vintage weddings to high end weddings with sophisticated wedding details. REB6STUDIOS also offers san francisco video production and is continuing to offer bay area video production for corporate companies, and video production around the world. REB6STUDIOS also offers slow motion booth san francisco and bay area slow motion booth.

Destination Weddings | Wedding at the Ayana Resort – Bali, Indonesia

Destination Weddings in Bali Indonesia

As all of you may know now, we are currently in Indonesia shooting one of the biggest destination weddings in our careers! We are very excited to share some of the stories with you. Some of our posts are in our instagram page, or if you would like to see some of those we are at @reb6studios on instagram, give us a follow!

Please forgive us if the response time to your emails is a little bit too slow, since the internet connection here in general is a little laggy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.05.43 PM

The picture you see above is a screenshot of what we’re up to. This venue is called SKY, in the best luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia: The Ayana Resort.
Obviously this venue calls for an aerial shot, which we actually are going to be doing. If there are no aerial shots, then I don’t know how you could show the beauty of this wonderful resort.

So please stay tuned for more posts about our international wedding destination – Indonesia!

Available worldwide for weddings! Contact us for more details.
Yes, aside from the Bay Area California, we are also commissioned to some of the best places for destination weddings like Bali Indonesia, Kyoto Japan, Tokyo Japan, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Irvine, Malibu, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara,
For more information about our wedding videography in the San Francisco Bay Area, please fill out the contact form.
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