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Bay Area Wedding Videographer | Pre Wedding Love Story of George and Karen

It has been a long time since we were able to create another epic pre wedding love story. One of the reasons was that pre wedding love story or what a lot of other wedding video companies call it, engagement videos (atleast how we do it here in reb6studios) take a good amount of time. From pre-production, production and post production we have to make sure that what we are filming will reflect what our clients envision to see during show time. It is definitely an entire different process compared to a cinematic wedding video. But, just throwing it out there, yes, we do prewedding videography.

Rather than tell you about the pre wedding love story of Karen and George (which you’ll be watching below), we will tell you about the process and how we came up with one of the most creative pre wedding love story / engagement videos we’ve ever produced in our careers.

When Karen and George reached out to us about creating their love story for their wedding, we knew that it will be unique in so many ways. Like for example, Karen had a written script of how the story would unfold on the love story. Another one was that their dog, Minnie, would be playing a big part in the film. The story would also be in a third person point of view / third pet point of view 🙂

The love story shoot took about , 1 day of Pre Production Meeting, bunch of emails back and forth of bouncing around ideas, 2 days of filming and another night of dubbing session. The pre production parts we’re the most exciting ones because we had to pitch in some of the ideas in addition to what Karen already had on the script. We had to pick which one worked and which one didn’t.

One funny thing about our Karen’s instruction was to achieve the “awww” and “make them cry” moments while watching the love story. Although,our bay area wedding videographer team we’re well known of doing that, we were still a bit nervous about how the outcome would be when we finally showed it to the crowd. Our team worked really hard in the post production process and really took the time to make sure, the awww moment was accomplished!

When we showed the love story at their wedding, everyone was glued to the screen to see Karen and George’s 10 minute love story film. We we’re fortunate enough to capture some of their reactions during that night as you’ll see in some of our photos below:

love story reception at farmsteadengagement videoswedding video ideaslove story for weddingkaren and george wedding

At the end, you’ll see a well-known singer that surprised Karen that night!!! We won’t spoil it for you.

It was well worth the hardwork! Karen and George gave us a thumbs up in the end saying they were both really happy with how it turned out! After it was shown, a couple of guest we’re congratulating our team for a job well done as well.

We would like to thank two of the key parts in making this love story: Frances Liu from the Charmed Events Group and Eric from Spintronix Entertainment for coordinating it with us to make sure that there will be no technical difficulties.

If you have a moment, please enjoy watching this Love story of Karen and George. It is one of kind 🙂 . Now, we’re off to creating their cinematic wedding video, which is also coming soon.

Ofcourse, REB6STUDIOS gotta do what REB6STUDIOS DO!!! Here is a homerun photo from our REB6STUDIOS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE 🙂

bay area wedding videographer

Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you the kind of couple who are really hard to please? Tired of watching mediocre wedding films given to you by top google searches? Let us chat then! Contact us now and tell us about your wedding!

Second Feature on Style Me Pretty this Year! | Emotional Wedding Film – Wedding Videographer Bay Area

We are back with another great news for you. One of our best wedding film to date was featured again at one of our favorite (one of the biggest wedding blogs) in the world. If you don’t already know, Style Me Pretty is like the big league of wedding blog, with millions of followers worldwide. This is also a place where high end brides/ weddings are featured. From celebrities, to athletes, to just about anything wedding big. We are again honored as wedding videographer bay area studios to be featured on this prestigious blog. This is one of the style me pretty blog feature we have been waiting for simply because it deserves to be featured. This wedding film is one of the most deserving wedding films that need to be on style me pretty’s the blog history. Period.

The wedding film that was featured on their blog was Wente Vineyard’s Wedding Film featuring Barbara and Mitch.

You can relieve their film below:

We would like to thank the whole crew for making this achievement possible.

Venue: Wente Vineyards
Photography: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography
Wedding Videographer Bay Area: REBSTUDIOS

In addition to our clients great feedback about our services, their facebook page got flooded with lovely comments about their wedding film.

San Francisco Engagement Photo | Reb6studios Photo and Video

Hello! Wondering why we’re back on the blog again? Because we have some great things to share with you all, our photo team is now ready!!! Yes, you heard it, we are now offering wedding photography to our clients starting today and hopefully forever 😉

Our approach to photography this year and the next coming years will be consistent with our cinematic wedding videography team: story telling that makes sense. It will be the same approach but with a stronger and bigger team that works together consistently to get the best possible product to our client. But just like how we approached cinematic wedding videography during six years ago, we let our work and happy clients do the talking.

We are very excited to share with you our recent san francisco engagement photo session shot at the one of the greatest places for wedding engagement photos: the city of San Francisco. Last week, we met our lovely couple Joanna and Peter for their engagement photo session. (We will also be their team for their cinematic wedding video.) The concept for this shoot is like a pre wedding love story created thru pictures.

The engagement photo session brought us from the Golden gate bridge, marine headlands, and the San Francisco Pier. A month ago, we made sure to scout the locations to see how crowded it was, to know the weather (although it a bit cloudy), and to plan on what we’re supposed to do during the shoot. The first location was just right at the Golden Gate Bridge. We chose this location simply because it was that epic. On top of that, we had a very cooperative and fun couple working with us and they just made the shoot easy for us. Since, our main background was from wedding filmmaking, it made sense for us to direct and let our couples interact with each other while we document it. Ofcourse, with very very little direction from our team.

_D3S0073with LUT copy

_D3S0013wLUT copyThese was all stolen moments. By the time we told them what to do, they were already doing what we wanted, so we just told them “just keep on doing what you’re doing! we’ll take care of the rest!.”

3 photos in one-Edit-crop

CAM42803-Edit copyPeter looked really serious here but seriously, he was funny! He looked like a cologne model here 🙂

CAM42840-3 copy

CAM42837-Edit copyOur bride Joanna looked stunning in here red dress matched with a teal necklace.

FAY_0163-Edit copyJoanna and Peter met at a “relationship class.” A pastor-friend mentioned the he thought they would make a good couple. They didn’t catch each other’s eye at first but their pastor leader approached Peter to consider getting to know Joanna on a deeper level.

FAY_0237-Edit-2 copy

FAY_0066-Edit copy

_D3S0629 copyJoanna and Peter told us that they love running. They joined many races. One of the most memorable race of their lives was during Disneyland 10K, the date Peter proposed to her. Running was such an important part of their life, so it just made sense for us to tell that story through photos.

FAY_0322-Edit copyPeter’s famous pose. Joanna said he does all of these all the time!

_D3S0802-Edit-Edit copy

_D3S0774-Edit-Edit copy2

_D3S0794 copy

CAM43280-Edit copy

FAY_0393-Edit copy

CAM43152-Edit copy

CAM43164-Edit-Edit copy

CAM43158-Edit copy 2

FAY_0417 copy

_D3S0705-Edit-2 copy

_D3S0885-Edit-2 copy1

FAY_0455-2 copy2After shooting the “run” concept, we headed straight to the san francisco pier just right when the sun came down. As part of their story, Peter invited Joanna to Catalina Island, where he proposed. Joanna said YES!

_D3S0931-Edit copy

CAM43341 copy

_D3S0946 copy

_D3S1017 copy

FAY_0493 copy

_D3S1016 copy 3

FAY_0474 copy

CAM43360 copy

FAY_0583 copyWe asked Peter what was he looking forward to in this new journey together. He said:

“We are looking forward to doing more races together, hiking half-dome, taking some fun trips during our first year of marriage, having kids, growing in our relationship, growing in our relationship with Christ, accomplishing our goals and destinies together.  I’m looking forward to spending more “ordinary” time with Joanna, the nights we have nothing planned and can cook dinner and share a delicious meal together.  I’m looking forward to the days that I can come home from work and share some quality time with our future kids.  Teaching them how to play basketball or encouraging them in their unique gifting (singing, or whatever it is) so that they can fulfill their dreams!  I also look forward to sharing the gospel with our future children and encouraging them to love the Lord.

We wrapped up the shoot with smiles on our faces! We had so many amazing shots that day.

We are very excited now for their wedding as our san francisco wedding photography and videography team is going to witness these two tie the knot. If you have not hired a photographer yet for your wedding, consider a great storytelling team. We are currently offering photo and video packages that will save you a lot! Contact us now for more information!

UPDATE: Yes! We got an awesome feed back from Joanna the moment we posted these engagement photos on our blog. All the hard work really paid off! Our main photographer Kevin really did a great job.



Bay Area Wedding Videographer | Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding

As promised from our wedding film teaser post last week, we would like to share Julia and Kevin ‘s wedding film at the one of our favorite San Francisco wedding locations – the Julia Morgan Ballroom. We have been at this wedding location many times and it never gets old filming here. What we love about this Julia Morgan ballroom wedding is that aside from the architectural beauty it already has, Julia and Kevin spiced it up with the help of great vendors. The flowers, the cake, the music, the chairs, and these amazing vendors (see below) all came together as one during that night making it a great experience for everyone.

The most emotional part of the day was during their vows.We saw many teary eyed family and friends and we were so ninja enough to capture a glimpse on some of them. It felt like it was just the two of them talking and no one else was in the room. Can you imagine being in this room? Wait until you see this wedding film and let us know.

The reception at the Julia Morgan Ballroom was equally exciting as the ceremony. The toasts and speeches we’re both funny and emotional. It truly revealed Kevin and Julia’s unconditional love for each other.

Sit down and hold tight as we present you, Julia and Kevin’s wedding film.

Venue: Julia Morgan Ballroom
Preparation: Omni Hotel San Francisco
Bay Area Wedding Videographer: REB6STUDIOS
Wedding Planner: Dreams on a Dime
Floral Design: An added Touch
Gown: Pronovias
Sound : Spintronix
Photographer: Jasmine Lee
Make Up: Julie Dy
Officiant: Michael Dare

Do you like what you see? Does it stand out from the hundreds of wedding videos you’ve seen lately from other bay area wedding videographer? (ie not just a montage of video shots, that doesn’t make sense? Like.. it has a story? like… emotional?… are feeling you’re in it and it is not even your wedding film? what more if its yours?..

Then, head on to our CONTACT and tell us about your wedding, and let us chat on how we can make something like this for you!

Destination Wedding Videographer | Ontario Canada (Trailer)

Hey there guys, we would like to share with you some of the fun experience we had on our destination wedding film work for one of our clients.  Although we’re not freshmen when it comes to destination weddings, this was our first time in Ontario, Canada!

Our clients initially booked us to film a wedding in Tahoe but I guess, there are some things that aren’t meant to be 🙂 About a few months before the grand wedding, our couple had a change of heart and decided it was better to do it in their home town. We are very fortunate to create such a unique product that is very hard to duplicate : storytelling. We truly enjoy being a destination wedding videographer because you get to really see the beauty of earth at the same time witnessing one of the best days of someone’s lives.

Before you assume we will be posting their feature film today, you’re going to have to wait for now. We are still cutting them, and once it is done, we will scream and shout and you’ll see it here. We’ll make it worth your wait. Enjoy this lovely trailer for now!

We got some great photos (from our phones). We’ll since it was our first time in Canada, it was probably the best to explore their landmarks. We went to Niagara falls and it didn’t disappoint. There are two sides you can go to reach the Niagara falls, and we happen to be on the Canada side, the better side. It was huge, grand, and epic. It was like an orchestra performing in front of you, big stage. Actually it was surreal seeing such thing. We also went to some of their most popular tourist spots and wandered around. If you haven’t been to Ontario yet, go!!!


Stay tuned for our next wedding destination film adventure, which is in the next coming months! We’re going to Indonesia for another destination wedding gig! Yes, it is awesome being a destination wedding videographer.

San Francisco Wedding Videographer | Our Recent Clients Loved Our Work!

Client reviews from yelp make us love our job more and more! How could you not?  Seeing these amazing reviews and comments you get when you wake up in the morning? No words can describe how we feel. So recently, we recived a couple of reviews, from our clients and we just want to share them to you. Because, in all honesty, the answer to “why are you more expensive ($500-800) more than the other wedding videographer?” is right over here in these reviews.

As wedding videographer in San Francisco, we see a lot new bay area wedding videography come in and go, and we are just thankful that for the past 6 years that we’re able to stay afloat. The first review we just like to share was the wedding of Barbara and Mitch, which we posted their wedding highlights just a couple of weeks ago, and her facebook wall was flooded! Some said, they teared up, some said it was a truly emotional wedding film, some are wowed! If you would like to see it, check out this wedding highlights of Barbara and Mitch filmed at the Wente Vineyards

wente vineyards videographer

But here is what they said about us:

Hmm…where do I begin 🙂 These guys are amazing. Not only do they make you feel extremely comfortable on your big day, as well as the time leading up to that day, but they are truly gifted at what they do. They don’t just record the moments of your big day, they use the footage to tell a beautiful story, more importantly YOUR story. They take the time–despite their crazy busy schedule!!–to get to know you and your partner, and make any extra time to meet with you if you are feeling like you need some extra attention. It’s not just their videos that are amazing, it’s also their personalities, the combination of how caring & fun they are + their extreme professionalism, organization, and attention to detail. You get the best of both worlds by having them as your video crew, and if videos are important to you (like they are to me), then there’s no doubt they are the ones for you. You just know & feel that they really love what they do, and that makes a huge difference in the outcome.

Our feature film well exceeded our expectations too, and didn’t just resonate well with me and my husband, but all of our family, friends and even friends of friends. People who didn’t attend our wedding or even know us took the time to watch it and personally let us know it was the best wedding video they had ever seen–and these days I know our Facebook feeds are filled with a lot of those, so it was super touching for us to hear 🙂

In a nutshell. if you’re looking for a wedding videographer, look no further and go with these guys. You won’t regret it!!

The next review is from our client, who also had their wedding at the Wente Vineyards! Wow, it seems like we’re on a roll with that venue.

wedding videographer wente vineyards

Barrett and Kristen says:

Reb6studios did an amazing job. They are incredibly professional and extremely prepared wedding videographers. They worked behind-the-scenes with our photographer, dj and wedding coordinator to ensure everything went smoothly. They were always polite and non-intrusive the whole day. They were diligent about getting not only high quality video but also being plugged into the stereo system as well as using multiple microphones to ensure they captured everything that was said. The day went by so fast, we’re so happy we have the video so we can re-live it whenever we want. Our video turned out so well that our friends have already booked them for their own wedding!

Last but not the least, is a review from the wedding we filmed at Casa Real. We don’t know how many times we’ve been here but..we’ve been here a lot! It is like, we’re on their preferred vendor list at casa real because we basically know most of the people that work there! Our bride Nikki sent us this amazing review and we are just so glad she chose us to be her san francisco wedding videographer.

casa real wedding videographer

OMG!!! Where do I start. Sigmund, his wife and crew were A-mazing!! They were our wedding videographers for our wedding back in July 2014. Communication from the day we booked them was great! They would always get back to you on emails promptly. And being from New York, I loved that promptness lol. They are so thorough making sure they video special parts of the day you want. The day of the wedding they arrived on time, and from what I remember they actually arrived early by like a half hour or so which totally put my mind at ease being a bride on that day with so many other stresses. Sigmund is so sweet and so caring. We watched our video last night and it brought me right back to that day. We laughed, we cried, WE LOVED IT!! They’re work is impeccable. Watching our feature film was like watching a movie. That’s primarily why we booked them, b/c of their style of cinematography. If you want an amazing video and people around you with amazing caring personalities on your uber special day, you’ll choose Reb6Studios!! I would use them again in a heartbeat!


San Francisco Wedding Videographer | Wedding at the Wente Vineyards

Sometimes you experience something amazing, out of the box, so marvelously, charmingly unusual, that there’s only one thing you can say: Wow!!!This wedding is what it is all about, the wow! On this post, we are showcasing a spectacular wedding we shot at  Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA filmed by your favorite San Francisco wedding videographer, reb6studios.This is where all our ducks are lined up. The weather, the timing, the moments, are all there.

It sure made our shooters a night to feast for filming. We pulled out almost all our gears on this wedding and the shots came fantastic!But the wow never stops there! It is the story. Yes, it is the story behind Barbara and Mitch that made us love this film to pieces. Whenever we are opened to opportunities for a unique story , you know we’re all over it and capitalize! After a couple of hours of figuring out the story lines for this wedding film, we came up with this!

We would like to thank the other wonderful vendors who made this wedding film fabolous!

Venue: Wente Vineyards
Photography: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

UPDATE 6/4/2015:

THIS JUST IN!!! After a couple of hours, our lovely bride finally watch their film and they loved it! Their family and friends are also raving about it on their facebook page!

Capture1- Shortcut

In text

Omg you guys…it’s amazing. I don’t even know where to begin!!! I want to have another wedding so I can hire you guys again. 🙂 The way you put our story together, and how much thought and detail you put into each and every shot, we are so lucky to have had you guys as our wedding videographers. We knew you guys were great…but DANG!!! Your work on our video just goes to show how much you put in to each and every client’s big day, and how much you understand and take into consideration what each couple is about. Our whole video is so us, and more importantly, the influence of my mom on my wedding day couldn’t have been portrayed more elegantly. I’m truly touched by how you guys incorporated her into our big day, no matter if she wasn’t physically there. You’ve never even met her, but you knew all of the right things to include that paid such a great tribute to her, and how much she was on all of our minds that day, and forever. Words can never express how much that means to us, and me especially.

Thank you so much for the incredible work, and just for being you!!! You all were SO much fun to be around (on-off-on-off), while keeping everything super professional, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more than that. It’s no wonder you guys are so popular year after year! SALAMAT!!!! <3


Do you like what you see? Does it stand out from the hundreds of wedding videos you’ve seen lately from other san francisco wedding videographer? (ie not just a montage of video shots, that doesn’t make sense? Like.. it has a story? like… emotional?… are feeling you’re in it and it is not even your wedding film? what more if its yours?..

Then, head on to our CONTACT and tell us about your wedding, and let us chat on how we can make something like this for you!

We are Published!!! : Aerial Photography and Aerial Video Production

Great news!!! This is our first time being published in a magazine so we are pretty excited and for us this is a BIG DEAL 🙂  The rangefinder magazine houses some of the award winning writers to date and have been consistently honored by the Western Publishing Association for its editorial excellence. (source Rangefinder magazine)

So to be in it, together with some top cinematographers in the world is quite an honor if you ask me!

aerial video production

So what is the magazine issue all about? We’ll our team has been interviewed to talk about aerial photography and aerial video production. I discussed the topic about how we incorporate aerial videos at a wedding, which is I think becoming more and more popular today. Drone photography used to be expensive, because you have to rent a helicopter to get your aerial videos or aerial photos captured. But since 2014, where drones became a hit, our team decided to invest in it due to the fact that it really can take our film to new heights, literally.

If you have been following our blog, you’re probably quite familiar with some of our latest films incorporating some wedding drone videos.

This year, we will be continuing to implement and enhance our aerial video production, on both corporate and weddings.

Do you have an awesome private venue at your wedding? Maybe it is grand, when shot from the top? Contact Us now to see if we have aerial videos services available for your wedding!

Save The Date Video | Legion of Honor San Francisco Wedding

As we get ready for our 2015 wedding season, we would like to kick things off with a save the date video we created for one of our couples, Lisa and Jeff. To those who don’t know what a save the date video is, simply put it this way: there are tons of save the date ideas you can find on the internet right now, and most of those are probably going to point you to cards, photos, and all that traditional stuffs. Lisa and Jeff wanted something unique in a way they can express and invite and tease their family and friends. So, they commissioned us to create a save the date video for their upcoming legion of honor san francisco wedding.

Lisa and Jeff ‘s friends knew that they would be a great fit for each other even before they have crossed paths. They initially met at a house party, and played a game, where you have to wink at someone. That wink…is probably that start of it 🙂 However, it wasn’t until much later in their lives that they reconnected.

Lisa: “If I had to choose an analogy for our experiences, it would be Kintsugi, the art of taking a broken piece of pottery and fixing it with gold lacquer. The art of transformation takes something ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary..”

At home, they both share the same interest in science fiction/fantasy/anime movies as well as video games and can debate over different story lines and art direction. To find someone with the same interest in this world is really difficult, that is why Lisa and Jeff, in our opinion is a perfect match!

We cannot wait until October to film their Legion of Honor san Francisco wedding. We are pretty sure that the day will be magical, lots of emotional moments, and most of all lots of fun times with their family and friends.

So, friends and families, mark your calendars! … and enjoy this save the date video we produced for Lisa and Jeff.

Half Moon Bay Engagement Photo | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Our bay area wedding photographer team recently went to half moon bay to shoot the engagement photos of Gypsee and Brian. We had a great time bonding with these two together. In this engagement shoot, we found out a lot about Gypsee and Brian. They met online on myspace about 9 years ago and eventually decided to meet in person at starbucks. After their first meeting, Gypsee called her friend and said the she met her husband. Here we are about 10 years later, Gypsee and Brian are now taking on this new journey together as husband and wife. Together with our reb6studios bay area photographer team, we decided to incorporate some of the things about the couple on this half moon bay engagement shoot. Since Brian loves to be near the waters, we decided to shoot most of the part at the half moon bay. These two look stunning together as a couple, and we couldn’t be more excited to be filming their wedding this June!

halfmoon bay engagement photo

Brian+Gypsee-22 copy

Brian+Gypsee-51 copy copy


Brian+Gypsee-11 copy





We wish you good luck Gypsee and Brian, and we will see on your wedding in June!
Love to have both video and photo with us? Please contact us now!