C A S A  R E A L  W E D D I N G S

We love filming at Casa Real because of the space. The ceremony and reception are conveniently located in one place. No drives or transfers, means less delay. We film more than 10 Casa Real wedding and we can say that we pretty much know our way around the place and know some great locations for awesome wedding video. Our casa real weddings video collection.


Thank you sooo much!!! It was so fun to relive the day- we were both crying and smiling the entire time! Thank you so much for capturing it- we love it!  ~ Jan. 12, 2017


When I began looking for my videographer and photographer, one of my requirements is that I need someone that can make me go "awwwww", and let me tell ya, all their videos made me go "awwwww"... it's like watching a compilation of the best tear jerkers. Sigmund was extremely patient with me and was even more responsive. We must have exchanged over 50 emails before I met with them in person.

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Maria's comment when the wedding highlights arrived...

"I am not getting married yet, but I think my he is going to propose..." Cool! follow us on social media for now.