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The REB6STUDIOS video production san francisco team went to Indonesia to shoot a wedding, ended up shooting another corporate film. Remember last time we went to Indonesia to shoot one of our favorite destination weddings? We’ll the day after that big event, I got a phone call from the resort’s owner. He wanted to meet me for possible discussion on creating a corporate film for the resort. Imagine that! We were just there shooting a wedding and we’re given an ultimate opportunity to make a corporate film for their resort? Just wow! So, I had to go to their villa to meet my new boss, and I was greeted by two nice attendants. (Ok by the time I took this picture, the other one left haha)

The meeting was really really short and my boss just kind of gave me an idea of what to do, their goal. While I had so many questions given to them, I was able to get a grasp of what they were looking for. We’ll we closed in the deal, woot woot!!! We’re off to creating some great clips for the resort they can use for their marketing department.

Project Name:
Ayana Resort Promotional Video
reb6studios video production san francisco team : Sigmund, Archie, Mariane

Project Objectives:

-shoot the 5 different wedding locations around Ayana Resort, using aerial videography and stunning cinematography
-create 2 different videos 1. Clients Pre -decision, 2. Clients Post Decision, where they can upgrade their packages.

Project Approach:

So, we were given locations we need to shoot. The main instruction and key thing is the aerial videography / aerial cinematography. My boss wanted to have “stunning shots,” “wow factor” , amazing cinematography of the resort. So we took that idea in mind and implemented them during the day of shoot.
Day Before: So, we initially went ahead and scout the resort the night before to see where we can strategically place our cameras, gears, and cool angles to shoot from. We also asked for each of the wedding locations description so we know what we will be shooting, what are the most important parts of the venue, and why would the potential client will like each one. Well this is what the reb6studios video production san francisco team has to offer 🙂

Day Of Production
The shoot took about the whole day. Yup, from sunrise till we ran out of sun! We took the time to make sure that we get the material/clips we needed for the shoot. We brought in some of our favorite gears with us. First, the main gear of choice here, since you can’t really do justice with how amazing this resort is : our aerial cinematography kit, which comprises of the dji phantom 2 with the 3 axis gimbal, and the go pro.Second our cameras and lenses such as our newly aqcuired Sony A7s and the Mark III paired interchangeably with 70-200L canon, 24-105mm most of the time. We also used stabilizers such as the glidecam hd4000, our 8 ft crane, and our reliable tripods in the mix.

Post Production
The editing is where the magic will happen. We ended up with about 1 hour of clips multiplied with two cameras…you do the math. It was a ton of work in the editing room because we have to segregate all the clips and then cut and color grade. That was the easy part. (actually cutting was easy, color grading this is tough but fun.)
The challenging part is putting them altogether. We’ve mentioned in the past that no matter how good your shots are, if you can’t stitch them all together to something that would make sense, taking into consideration what the goal and objective is, then it would mean nothing. It has to reflect the story and concept agreed upon with the client.
So the concept is “beauty shots” to wow potential clients how amazing the resort is, and if getting married, a variety of wedding venue location they can choose from.

Final Product
There will be two corporate film coming up, this is the first installment. Hope you guys enjoy this!
~thank you from the reb6studios video production san francisco team!!!

Now you know that we’re not only your san francisco wedding videographer,  yes, we also do corporate films as well. So if your company happens to look for creative filmmakers, the reb6studios video production san francisco team is here! So, check out more of our works under our CORPORATE VIDEO page

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