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San Francisco Video Production | Project Digital Realty

Project Name:
Digital Realty Executive Roundtable Series

Project Objectives
-cover the two hour event held at San Francisco
-Create a high level brand 2-3 minute highlight video of the rounddtalbe series presentation

In looking for a corporate videographer San Francisco, Digital Realty marketing department contacted us regarding the need of someone to cover the event and create something they can put on their website a marketing material that can summarize what the Digital Realty Executive Roundtable Series without boring the viewers upon watching the highlights.

Our team started coordinating through emails, and phone conversations on what options we can provide within the specific budget. Our client initially wanted a one-camera coverage since this is what you actually see on the internet nowadays, a camera that is set on the middle, or the corner recording. We don’t blame them, for we ourselves are used of seeing the internet saturated with videos that look like it was created in the 90s. As experts and as young individuals, we know that things have changed, companies are evolving and catching up with the latest technology. So, we suggested a two camera setup in order for us to be able to get some B rolls during the presentation so we can use them for the highlights. We incorporated dynamic movements to our shots using state of the art cameras, lenses, sliders and glidecams. We aimed for something new, something fresh turning an hour presentation into an unique San Francisco¬†video production.

We then continued communication after the event, asking for more details in order to have a more meaningful content. We incorporated animated graphics of lower thirds as you see on the corporate video to make it more modern-looking. We made sure that the graphics match the company’s colors as well. We convinced them to use specific soundbytes from the presentations so that the video is not just a montage of boring videos. This way, we are able to add another element , sound. Audience are able to relate and engage longer with video that have sound elements (imagine watching the NBA finals without sound. ) We color graded to make sure that the colors suit the event and at the same time will jive with the music. In terms of music used, we licensed the music from an independent music licensing company.

Final Product


*Hi Sigmund! Just want to let you know that the rest of the marketing team saw your video today and they LOVED it!!! We will be using it for our social media/YouTube soon so I will send you the link.

 Thank you so much again, the video is so AWESOME!

The client walked away happy, and so do we.

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