San Francisco Engagement Photos | Jessica + Brad

We are back on the blog with some san francisco engagement photos session we took a just a couple of days ago. Jessica and Brad spent the time with our team and weathered the cloudy/rainy day. We got really lucky because by the time we had to shoot outdoors, the rain would stop! Jessica and Brad were so natural and to be honest, we didn’t have a hard time getting our candid shots because it seemed like they knew what to do already. Then when we asked if they researched on engagements photos before, they said they didn’t look for it too much. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding this coming July!

Jessica and Brad’s Love Story looks a lot like this:

We met at work when Brad was finishing his long term teaching assignment. I’ve seen him around but never really had long conversations with him. he says he remembers the first time he saw me at a teacher meeting, wearing a UCD sweater and hair up in a ponytail (it was one of my lazy days!) the coworkers were throwing him a go away party and that is when we really first started talking. I asked for good burrito places to eat at since he was a SF native and he texted me a few spots. since I was still new to the city recently moved from LA, I asked him to take me and a friend out to the mission (my students told me scary stories and I was too scared to venture alone) to go eating, dancing, and drinking. we started seeing each other more and we would go to happy hour after work when he would substitute. on days when he wasn’t working, he would sometimes bring breakfast or lunch for me. I knew he had a crush on me when he drove down to LA for spring break last minute to bring down a case of wine for my friend! he asked me to be his girlfriend at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge right before i left for my month long trip to Europe. The trip to Europe was an eternity for Brad as he tried to stay up to text or Facetime whenever he could in the late hours.

As the last two school years have gone by, Brad ended up with a full time position teaching right across the hall from me. We spent the time growing and enjoying in each other’s company, jesting every time students could ask whether we were going out. Brad would always joke about proposing to me whenever a loving moment would come by, and he finally made the proposal on the second-to-last day of the Fall Semester in December. I was surprised as I was just ready to go on Winter Vacation – wearing only semi-casual attire and not expecting anything at all. He wanted to go on a drive after dinner – something he does often so I didn’t think anything of it. He drove the hills overlooking the city on portola drive saying he wanted to see the view. again, nothing new so i just went along with it. we announced it the next to our coworkers and our secretary made the announcement over the intercom!

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UPDATE: Jessica just sent us an email today, and here is what she said:

Wow!!! I didn’t expect them so early and I didn’t expect how wonderfully terrific they are! I love what I’ve seen and I can’t wait to see the rest!

Thank you! 


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