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Hello! Wondering why we’re back on the blog again? Because we have some great things to share with you all, our photo team is now ready!!! Yes, you heard it, we are now offering wedding photography to our clients starting today and hopefully forever 😉

Our approach to photography this year and the next coming years will be consistent with our cinematic wedding videography team: story telling that makes sense. It will be the same approach but with a stronger and bigger team that works together consistently to get the best possible product to our client. But just like how we approached cinematic wedding videography during six years ago, we let our work and happy clients do the talking.

We are very excited to share with you our recent san francisco engagement photo session shot at the one of the greatest places for wedding engagement photos: the city of San Francisco. Last week, we met our lovely couple Joanna and Peter for their engagement photo session. (We will also be their team for their cinematic wedding video.) The concept for this shoot is like a pre wedding love story created thru pictures.

The engagement photo session brought us from the Golden gate bridge, marine headlands, and the San Francisco Pier. A month ago, we made sure to scout the locations to see how crowded it was, to know the weather (although it a bit cloudy), and to plan on what we’re supposed to do during the shoot. The first location was just right at the Golden Gate Bridge. We chose this location simply because it was that epic. On top of that, we had a very cooperative and fun couple working with us and they just made the shoot easy for us. Since, our main background was from wedding filmmaking, it made sense for us to direct and let our couples interact with each other while we document it. Ofcourse, with very very little direction from our team.

These was all stolen moments. By the time we told them what to do, they were already doing what we wanted, so we just told them “just keep on doing what you’re doing! we’ll take care of the rest!.”

Peter looked really serious here but seriously, he was funny! He looked like a cologne model here 🙂

Our bride Joanna looked stunning in here red dress matched with a teal necklace.

Joanna and Peter met at a “relationship class.” A pastor-friend mentioned the he thought they would make a good couple. They didn’t catch each other’s eye at first but their pastor leader approached Peter to consider getting to know Joanna on a deeper level.

Joanna and Peter told us that they love running. They joined many races. One of the most memorable race of their lives was during Disneyland 10K, the date Peter proposed to her. Running was such an important part of their life, so it just made sense for us to tell that story through photos.

Peter’s famous pose. Joanna said he does all of these all the time!

After shooting the “run” concept, we headed straight to the san francisco pier just right when the sun came down. As part of their story, Peter invited Joanna to Catalina Island, where he proposed. Joanna said YES!

We asked Peter what was he looking forward to in this new journey together. He said:

“We are looking forward to doing more races together, hiking half-dome, taking some fun trips during our first year of marriage, having kids, growing in our relationship, growing in our relationship with Christ, accomplishing our goals and destinies together.  I’m looking forward to spending more “ordinary” time with Joanna, the nights we have nothing planned and can cook dinner and share a delicious meal together.  I’m looking forward to the days that I can come home from work and share some quality time with our future kids.  Teaching them how to play basketball or encouraging them in their unique gifting (singing, or whatever it is) so that they can fulfill their dreams!  I also look forward to sharing the gospel with our future children and encouraging them to love the Lord.

We wrapped up the shoot with smiles on our faces! We had so many amazing shots that day.

We are very excited now for their wedding as our san francisco wedding photography and videography team is going to witness these two tie the knot. If you have not hired a photographer yet for your wedding, consider a great storytelling team. We are currently offering photo and video packages that will save you a lot! Contact us now for more information!

UPDATE: Yes! We got an awesome feed back from Joanna the moment we posted these engagement photos on our blog. All the hard work really paid off! Our main photographer Kevin really did a great job.

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